Last week, a number of titles were removed from Disney+ in the US including “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”, “Garfield: The Movie” and “Sword and the Stone”.

The good news is, “Sword and the Stone” has been re-added to Disney+, which means it joins Avalon High, Never Been Kissed and the Sandlot, as titles that have been removed and have been put back pretty quickly.  There could be any number of reasons for these removals, such as technical issues, an oversight in contract details or that there is an existing contract with another streaming company.  Once these issues are resolved, titles can be added back onto Disney+ and in some regions, these issues aren’t happening due to less existing streaming contract issue.

However, today has also seen the removal of “Alice Through The Looking Glass” in the US.  This is strange, since the title only recently was added, since it left Netflix in December.

Unlike other titles which have been removed, if you search for the title, you will come across a “placeholder” page, with the date of July 11th 2022.  This type of placeholder page is common on Disney+ for upcoming or missing titles.  This is a step forward in allowing users to know when a title is coming back, but Disney really needs to get a better handle on their communication of these problems to avoid customer dissatisfaction.

Have you noticed any titles removed from Disney+ ?



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Roger Palmer

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  1. drewsclues February 6, 2020

    what I want to know is how in the freaking heck a film that left Netflix could already be gone for 2 more years? how and when would they have made yet another deal for the same film that would take place after the initial deal? because of this all of the placeholder dates are now meaningless as we can now expect that any film that shows up could leave quickly and then go away for two years AGAIN!