As millions of children across the United States get ready to go back to school, if they haven’t already, there have been many films that looked at education. Disney+ is one of the many streaming services that offers films and series focused on education in some way. The shows and films may be educational or […]

Disney has released a trailer for the all-new original short, “Carl’s Date”, which will be released alongside Pixar’s new film, “Elemental”, in cinemas in the US and Canada on Friday, 16th June 2023.  The film and the new short will be released in the UK in July. The all-new short marks a return to the […]

It’s time for another Disney+ battle. This week we are comparing and contrasting at two popular Pixar films: “Brave” and “Up.” One has what is considered by many to have the saddest opening ten minutes in cinematic history. The other is the only “Disney Princess” film made by Pixar Studios. Let’s take a closer look. […]

Disney has announced that to go along with the release of Pixar’s next movie, “Elemental”, on June 16th 2023, in cinemas, Pixar Animation Studios will resume the magical moviegoing tradition of pairing their feature film with an animated short. The new short, Carl’s Date, catches up with Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Ed Asner) and his […]

An old man goes on the adventure he always promised his wife as he finds a way to get his house to Paradise Falls in the Pixar classic, “Up.” Carl Frederickson and his wife Ellie had always wanted to go do Paradise Falls to try to find their hero, Charles Muntz. But life kept getting […]