Disney owns a large back catalogue of songs thanks to owning a large number of musical movies/movies from their films, musicals and TV series which have songs, especially if aimed at younger children. As a follow up to my article about if Disney+ would ever add video games, I’m back talking about Disney Music. What […]

Over the past few months, Disney Plus has consistently released a variety of “soundscape” series – shows that are easily played in the background and provide a relaxing ambience. Shows like Dory’s Reef Cam and the Arendelle Yule Log gave an extended amount of ambient sounds, while others like Zenimation combine ASMR sounds with gentle […]

From its inception, The Walt Disney Company has made memorable music a cornerstone of its approach to entertainment. “There’s a terrific power to music,” said Walt Disney during an October 1940 story meeting on Bambi. “You can run any of these pictures and they’d be dragging and boring. But the minute you put music behind […]

Soul is one of Pixar’s most inventive and awe-inspiring films to date, and its soundtrack is no different. The album is divided into two distinct musical styles, with one highlighting Joe Gardner’s experiences on Earth and the other representing the ethereal realms of The Great Beyond and The Great Before. For the purposes of this […]

Disney is set to release a special die-cut vinyl picture disc featuring “The Child” from the Disney+ Original series, Star Wars: The Mandalorian. The die-cut vinyl picture disc depicting the creature affectionately known as Baby Yoda.  The record features the series theme song composed and produced by Ludwig Göransson, making it a must for any […]