Before Marvel Studios took control of Marvel’s television projects, several animated series were put into production, including “Hit-Monkey” and “M.O.D.O.K”, which were released on Hulu last year.  Many other animated projects, including “Howard The Duck”, were cancelled once Marvel Studios took control.

This week, the Television Critics Association is hosting its Winter Press Tour. During one of the presentations, Craig Erwich, President, Hulu Originals & ABC Entertainment, was asked about the fates on the Marvel animated series, “Hit-Monkey” and “M.O.D.O.K” during an Executive Session.

Alex Zalben from Decider revealed on social media:

Asked about the future of Marvel on Hulu, Erwich says they have no announcements regarding HIT-MONKEY or MODOK, or any Marvel series of any kind. Basically avoids the question. “Marvel and team will make the decisions for that franchise, and that brand.”

With Meghan O’Keefe also confirming:


What’s the future of Marvel on Hulu? Erwich says HIT-MONKEY and M.O.D.O.K. are still on the platform. There are no announcements for those shows. Says Marvel will make the decisions for that brand.

The quick dismissal of the question and just merely saying, they’re still on the platform, doesn’t fill me with confidence.

It shouldn’t be a huge surprise to hear that never series is likely to come back, since Marvel Studios is now running all of the television projects, and I suspect both projects were so far along in development, that the decision was made to make the most of the investment and finish them.

While Marvel Studios likes to create its own original projects, it has recently revealed that it is reviving the 1990s animated series “X-Men” for another season.  So it’s still possible that Marvel will continue the adventures of MODOK and Hit-Monkey, but I’d assume they are done.

Both series are available as Hulu Originals in the United States.  Both series are Star Originals on Disney+ internationally, with “Hit-Monkey” due to be released worldwide on Wednesday 26th January 2022.

Would you like to see “Hit-Monkey” or “MODOK” return for another season?

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