Today, Disney launched the highly anticipated Korean Original thriller “Connect” around the world, on Hulu in the United States and on Disney+ around the world, including in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and beyond.

“Connect” stars Jung Haein as “Ha Dongsoo” – a new type of immortal human known as ‘Connect’, who is kidnapped by a gang of organ harvesters that are determined to take his eyes. After waking up on an operating table partway through the surgery, Dongsoo is able to escape with one eye remaining. He soon discovers that he can still see out of his missing eye, which is now being used by a serial killer who has been terrorizing the residents of Seoul. Determined to get back what was taken, Dongsoo will pursue the killer, taking whatever steps are necessary to make himself whole again.

The series received rave reviews at a recent public screening at Busan International Film Festivals On Screen program.

“Connect” is directed by Miike Takashi (“Audition”, “Ichi the Killer,” “Gozu”) and also stars Ko Kyungpyo (“Reply 1988,” “Seoul Vibe,” “Chicago Typewriter”) as serial killer “Oh Jinseop,” and Kim Hyejun (“Kingdom,” “Inspector Koo,” “Matrimonial Chaos”) as the mysterious “Irang.”

Robust parental controls ensure that Disney+ remains a suitable viewing experience for everyone in the family. Subscribers can set access limits on mature content and create PIN-protected profiles alongside the already existing Kids Profiles to give parents and guardians peace of mind.

All six episodes of “Connect” are available to stream now.

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