Following the release of the new South Korean Disney+/Hulu Original series, “Connect”, WM Korea has released the soundtrack to the series on digital platforms, including Amazon, Spotify and Apple. “Connect” stars Jung Haein (“Snowdrop,” “Something in the Rain”) as Ha Dongsoo – a new immortal mankind called ‘Connect’ kidnapped by a gang of organ harvesters who are determined […]

Today, Disney launched the highly anticipated Korean Original thriller “Connect” around the world, on Hulu in the United States and on Disney+ around the world, including in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and beyond. “Connect” stars Jung Haein as “Ha Dongsoo” – a new type of immortal human known as ‘Connect’, who […]

Disney has announced that a new Korean Star Original, “Connect”, will be coming to Disney+ around the world on Wednesday, 7th December 2022, including in Canada and the United Kingdom.  This will be the first Korean drama series to debut globally on Disney+ at once.   The series will be released on Hulu in the United […]

Disney has announced details on the cast for the upcoming Korean Star Original series, “Connect”, which will be coming soon to Disney+ This new crime-thriller series will follow a man who is suddenly kidnapped by a gang of organ harvesters. He awakens following the procedure to find one of his eyes missing, however, discovers that […]