With Disney set to run three separate streaming platforms, ESPN+, Hulu and Disney+, it was revealed by Disney CEO Bob Iger during a conference call during the summer that customers may be offered a discounted bundle.

Some have questioned why Disney doesn’t run one single streaming network, which Bob Iger said “So rather than one, let’s call it, gigantic aggregated play, we’re going to bring to the market what we’ve already brought to market [with the] sports play. I’ll call it Disney play, which is more family-oriented. And then, of course, there’s Hulu. And they will basically be designed to attract different tastes and different segment or audience demographics,” Iger explained, in response to a question about whether or not it would ever build an aggregated streaming app instead of pursuing the different market segments.”

He added “If a consumer wants all three, ultimately, we see an opportunity to package them from a pricing perspective,” Iger continued. “But it could be that a consumer just wants sports or just wants family or just wants the Hulu offering, and we want to be able to offer that kind of flexibility to consumers…”

It would make sense for Disney to offer an incentive for customers to subscribe to all their streaming platforms. Though one single app with all three might be easier for customers, Disney seem to be focused on offering different options.

And until Hulu is fully under control of Disney, with Comcast and Warner still involved, this might not be available when Disney+ launches.

Would you be interested in a bundle?

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Roger Palmer

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