When Disney+ launched back in 2019, they confirmed that they would be launching new films and series on Disney+ on Fridays. In June 2021, Disney+ changed that schedule so TV series would come on, Wednesdays, including original shows. This was after Marvel Studio’s “Loki” series was a hit on Wednesdays. So let’s look at why […]

Ever since the launch of Disney+, the platform has grown by adding TV series and movies from Disney’s vast catalogue, but after the July 2020 addition of the filmed version of the Broadway musical “Hamilton”, there became an increased demand for Broadway musicals with Apple TV+ adding a filmed version of “Come From Away” and […]

We’re back with another Disney+ battle. This week, it’s a very fast-paced film from Disney’s Experimental Age of Animation taking on the only Marvel movie released by the Walt Disney Animation Studios. We are comparing “Meet the Robinsons” and “Big Hero 6.” Let’s take a look and see which one is “better.” 1. PROTAGONIST The […]

A brand new Disney+ Original Series makes its debut, the latest series from Marvel heads to Pakistan, and some ESPN documentary series look at an important law in American history and an athlete who was on top of the world before it all came crashing down. Let’s take a look at what to watch on […]

We are back with another Disney+ battle. This week we will be comparing two popular films from Disney’s Post-Renaissance Era of Animation. It’s sometimes called the Experimental Age, because of Disney moved away from the tried and true formula of the Renaissance and “experimented” more in their films. It’s also been called the Dark Age, […]

In the 1950s, the Walt Disney Animation Studios returned to feature length narratives for its animated movies after producing packages films during much of the 1940s. There were some bona fide hits, some box office duds that found success later and some wild experimentation in storytelling. The studio released 5 animated films between 1950 and […]

Disney has made the phrase “It all started with a mouse”, and Disney has marketed Disney+ as “the Disney vault unlocked”, but something I have observed is the lack of Disney’s pre-1928 shorts. There are many missing titles from Disney+, but as we approach Disney’s one hundredth anniversary, I want to discuss the missing titles […]

Since Disney+ recently announced a selection of the Sony-owned Marvel movies (including all three “Spiderman” movie series and films like “Venom”) being confirmed for Disney+ in various regions, including Europe and parts of Asia, I want to discuss the possibility of other live-action Marvel movies and series which weren’t initially produced by Disney and if […]

It’s time for another Disney+ battle. In this article, I will be comparing and contrasting two popular films from the Disney Renaissance. Both give family friendly takes on other cultures. One focuses on Greece while the other focuses on France. And neither of them really convey those cultures properly. But, we aren’t here to judge […]

Many streaming services, including Disney+ and Netflix, have trending rows to show what content is hot and what content is not. Disney+’s trending row, however, unlike Netflix’s, isn’t that good. While Netflix has separate rows for different content types, Disney+ doesn’t, so let’s discuss how Disney+ can improve its trending row. Separate Trending Rows For […]

It’s time, once again, for a Disney+ battle. This week, I will be comparing and contrasting two popular films from the Disney Renaissance. Let’s see which film is better between “The Little Mermaid” and “Pocahontas.” 1. PROTAGONIST The main character of “The Little Mermaid” is Ariel, a 16-year-old mermaid, who has fallen in love with […]

We are back with another Disney+ battle. This week appears to be a lopsided battle. We are comparing one of the most iconic films from the Disney Renaissance and one of the lesser known films from Disney’s Experimental Age of Animation. Let’s see who wins between “Beauty and the Beast” and “Home on the Range.” […]

Have you ever wanted to take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of your favourite movies and episodic shows? Disney+ has a wide variety of shows that allow viewers to get an exclusive look at the process of creating the magic for popular titles, attractions, and talent across the platform.  I’ll take a look at […]

For Pride month, Disney+ has added a brand new collection onto the streaming service, featuring content from Disney and its associated studios have spent decades producing content for people all over the world, starring actors from all walks of life, including racial minorities, disabled people, women and more recently members of the LGBTQ+ community. However, […]

In 1937, the Walt Disney Animation Studios released its first full-length animated feature, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” The studio continues releasing new films having now reached 60 theatrical releases. They have covered princesses, classical music, fairy tales, literary classics and even video game characters. For this list, I’m going to rank the fully […]