The Walt Disney Company has stretched its arm into several realms of entertainment. One of those realms includes the traveling figure skating show, “Disney on Ice.” The Disney+ streaming service gives the Walt Disney Company another avenue with which to reach a wider audience for all of its realms of entertainment. Disney could bring Disney on Ice to Disney+ to help the show and the streaming service continue to grow.


“Disney on Ice” was founded in 1981 after the purchase of “Ice Follies” and “Holiday on Ice” and the licensing of Disney shows. Over the past four decades, the shows have featured many different Disney characters and takes on Disney films and TV shows. Disney on Ice has been touring almost constantly since its launch with the exception of the period between March and November of 2020 when shows were shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The shows have brought joy to Disney fans and children around the globe, but there is still a way to expand that joy using Disney+.


As the themes of the shows change, it leads to some of the routines being lost to time. When a show is retired, it would be nice to add a performance of that show to Disney+. It will help save the routines that are not included in the next show. Who knows? It may get a young child interesting in ice skating who could one day be a Disney on Ice performer. It could also lead to someone who wasn’t aware of the shows to seek out a live performance. Disney is a corporation that wants to make profits. Getting more people interested in one of its traveling shows will lead to more money in ticket and merchandise sales. Disney+ could be the perfect advertising vehicle by using older, archived shows.


Disney+ has started adding special presentations to its streaming service. This includes holiday specials from Marvel and Star Wars, as well as a live performance of “Harmonious!” at EPCOT. Disney on Ice could be used to bring a new special presentation to the service. It could be live like the airing of “Harmonious!” It could be pre-recorded and hyped up as a special airing. They already add special presentations like the holiday celebrations at the Disney parks. “Disney on Ice” could be used to fill that void in between major holidays.


Disney has produced hundreds of documentaries and docuseries about aspects of the company. These includes behind the scenes looks at the parks, the cruise line and the animation division. Disney could produce an original documentary or docuseries on Disney on Ice for Disney+. It could look into the effort that goes into putting on a show, the setup, the talent, the auditions and every other aspect of Disney on Ice.

We’ve seen series on weddings at the parks, the animals at animal kingdom and how they brought Galaxy’s Edge to the parks. Why not Disney on Ice?

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Jeremy Brown

Jeremy has been a big Disney fan since he was a kid growing up during the Disney Renaissance. One day he hopes to go to every Disney Park in the world.

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