The Walt Disney Animation Studios has taken numerous risks with the films it has released. It was once thought that a feature-length animated film would never do well at the box office. Then Disney released “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and changed the game. In 1940, Disney took on a different kind of animation […]

The Walt Disney Company has a vast array of films and many of them have been featured at the Disney parks. While plenty of films have been based on rides or inspired by the parks, far more of the rides have been themed after the films. That will continue when Splash Mountain at Disneyland and […]

The Walt Disney Company has stretched its arm into several realms of entertainment. One of those realms includes the traveling figure skating show, “Disney on Ice.” The Disney+ streaming service gives the Walt Disney Company another avenue with which to reach a wider audience for all of its realms of entertainment. Disney could bring Disney […]

We have had a plethora of Star Wars content in 2022. Movies, films, even shorts and specials have made it onto our list. I’m going to rank every Star Wars title to hit Disney+ this year. This ranking is completely subjective to my personal tastes.But for now, let’s check them out. 7. ZEN: GROGU AND […]

An unlikely group of heroes set off on a dangerous quest to places far beyond their home. The new Santa Claus is set to take over for Scott Calvin, but there are still some issues with the snowglobe. And the Mighty Ducks join forces with Team Dominate to take on elite hockey players from Canada […]

Every month Disney+ adds new series and films to the service. It also adds new seasons of popular shows that are already on the service. Several of us here at “What’s On Disney Plus” are going to give you our Top 5 Films and Series we’re excited to see each month. Let’s take a look […]

With the upcoming release of “Strange World,” the Walt Disney Animation Studios will release its 61st animated feature length film. Throughout those releases from 1937 to the present, fans and critics have divided the releases into eras of animation. While there’s no set parameters for what makes up an era, there’s usually a major event […]

The residents of Zootropolis make their return. Scientists give their lives to teach us more about volcanos. And Cassian Andor starts working his way toward a prison break. Let’s check out what to watch this weekend on Disney+. ZOOTOPIA+ Zootopia+ dives deeper into the lives of some of the feature film’s most intriguing characters, including […]

Cassian Andor continues his journey toward the Rebellion. The Mighty Ducks face tournament play. And the Mysterious Benedict Society is distracted by an underground casino. Check out what to watch this weekend on Disney+. STAR WARS: ANDOR Cassian Andor remains in an Empire detention facility while the Rebellion is gaining numbers to begin to take […]

Every year there are new Halloween specials added to Disney+. These are added to the plethora of Halloween films, series and specials already available. As October comes to a close, I’m going to rank the Halloween films and specials on Disney+ I’ve ranked this year. Remember this list is completely subjective. 10. HALLOWEENTOWN HIGH This […]

Marvel unleashes a cabal of monster hunter. Andor continues his journey to becoming a full-fledged member of the Rebellion. We learn more about the man who managed to take She-Hulk’s blood. And follow a team of Shipwreck Hunters off the coast of Australia. Let’s check out what to watch this weekend on Disney+. WEREWOLF BY […]