The acclaimed National Geographic “Secrets” series returns to Disney+ with a four-part miniseries called “Secrets of the Elephants.” This miniseries, narrated by Natalie Portman, looks at the lives of elephants and how some of their qualities are quite similar to humans. The series looks at elephants in both Africa and Asia to see how they […]

The Walt Disney Company has stretched its arm into several realms of entertainment. One of those realms includes the traveling figure skating show, “Disney on Ice.” The Disney+ streaming service gives the Walt Disney Company another avenue with which to reach a wider audience for all of its realms of entertainment. Disney could bring Disney […]

ESPN takes a look at the battle women had to wage for equality in education in the United States and how that spilled over into athletics in the 50 for 50 documentary series, “37 Words.” The first two episodes dropped on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 22nd here in the US. The first two episodes look […]