Back in 2013, Disney released a brand new massive Toys To Life video game, Disney Infinity. Where over its three instalments, we got to play in the worlds of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars with dozens of beloved characters from dozens of franchises.

Unfortunately, the Toys To Life video game market stumbled, resulting in Disney Infinity not being as big a success as Disney expected it to be. So in 2016 Disney shuttered Disney Interactive and quit producing video games internally, outsourcing its video game production to other companies like EA, Capcom, Insomniac and other specialized video game companies.




Disney Infinity does still live on, in a series of action figures that are sold exclusively at the Disney Store. They’ve even made figures based on recent Disney+ shows like “The Bad Batch”, “The Mandalorian”, and “WandaVision”. Teasing us Disney Infinity fans with what could have been.

Now, after that quick history lesson, let’s look at why Disney would be smart to revive the Disney Infinity brand as a Disney+ animated series.

Reason #1: Infinite Potential

Let’s get an obvious point out of the way, Disney’s IP library is basically infinite, Disney has put out thousands of TV shows and movies over the years, meaning Disney owns a large number of IP including Disney Channel shows like “Gravity Falls” and “Phineas and Ferb” as well as owning theatrical movies like “Toy Story”, “Iron Man”, “Star Wars: Rogue One”, “Ice Age” and “Frozen”. Disney could utilise their catalogue of beloved characters by having several characters crossover in a TV series as an “Avengers Endgame” like event series.


Reason #2: Promotion Of Other Lesser-Known Disney Properties

We’ve all heard of Disney properties like “Frozen”, “Toy Story”, “Star Wars”, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but have you heard of “Treasure Planet” or “Ron’s Gone Wrong” or “The Good Dinosaur”?

Well, if you’re a die-hard Disney fan or have been paying attention to Disney’s recent film releases, you would have probably heard of all three of the films listed above. But take a series like Disney’s “Teacher’s Pet” or “Doug”, which could be promoted to a new audience through this proposed series, with a little cameo or story.

Reason #3: The Fan Service Potential

Many fans want their dream Disney crossovers to happen, so imagine a series where Iron Man, Luke Skywalker, Buzz Lightyear, Sid The Sloth and Mickey Mouse all have a conversation and eventually team up to take on a new big bad which threatens to destroy the “Disney Multiverse”.

Disney has hundreds of thousands of beloved characters, which they could crossover to feed the fanbases online. The potential is massive, especially if they combine characters from vintage Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and select 20th Century films and series, with a fully voice-acted series.

Reason #4: Disney Has Several Animation Divisions, So Use Them.

Let’s look at the big reason why I personally think this could work, Disney owns a large number of animation studios with Disney Television Animation, 20th Television Animation, Pixar, 20th Century Animation, Lucasfilm Animation, Marvel Studios Animation and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

With Disney owning so many animation studios, this series could be a collaborative project between them all as a celebration of Disney’s worldwide brands and characters.

Overall Thoughts:

The Disney Infinity games may be a distant memory to many, but that doesn’t mean Disney can’t revive the brand as a new animated event serious with fan favourite characters from core Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars properties.

Now, if Disney decided to greenlight such a series, it would need to be animated due to the sheer number of characters Disney would have to use from their catalogue of IP and the balancing act of getting characters whose abilities wouldn’t overlap with other characters within the same series. The series would also need to be made obvious that it’s non-canon, especially with regards to Marvel and Star Wars. One of the great things the video game series did, was use an art style to make all the characters look part of the same universe.

Whether this series would happen, though, is something I doubt, mostly because Disney was planning a series based on the Disney Themepark based novels “Kingdom Keepers”; however that series was cancelled before ever being put into production. However, “Kingdom Keepers” was supposed to be a live-action series, whilst a Disney Infinity series could be animated and offer a larger number of Disney protagonists and villains.

As for the lead characters, Disney could do it in one of two ways, they have some force unite a random selection of Disney icons to save the “Disney Multiverse”. Or they could have an original character tasked with saving the “Disney Multiverse” travel through different worlds and uniting a selection of Disney characters to help them save the so-called “Disney Multiverse”, but this is all just a pipe dream.

Would You Like To See Disney Revive Disney Infinity As A Disney+ Show?

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