With the recent release of Lightyear in movie theatres and the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, we wanted to take a moment to highlight all of the space voyage options to watch on Disney+.

Aside from Buzz and Asgard, there are many titles that feature space and galactic exploration from both a fictional and scientific perspective.

Animated classics like Lilo and Stitch, along with its sequel, offer a fun, animated look at space travel with the lovable blue alien, Stitch, and his best friend, Lilo. Pixar’s Wall-E also explores a futuristic universe where people have had to leave Earth and live in space and an adorable little robot who happens to fall in love.

Many Marvel titles, including Thor, also take place in off-Earth locations and are “worthy” of a watch. Guardians of the Galaxy is another popular Marvel franchise that predominantly features space life with an unlikely group of characters trying to save the galaxy. Multiple other-worldly beings in these Marvel titles and others also help to bring excitement to the idea of space adventures.

We would be silly not to include all of the iconic Star Wars titles in this list of space adventures that are available on Disney+, including the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series, with all of the episodes now released. Star Wars, all its spin-offs, and sequels continue to delight new and old audiences and explore the wonders of space and life on other planets aside from Earth.

There are a few alien movies that are worth mentioning in the discussion of space adventures, including 1978’s The Cat From Outer Space and 1999’s My Favorite Martian, that stars Disney great, Christopher Lloyd. Additionally, the Disney Channel Original movie, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and the two franchise sequels, explore space concepts and what life would be like living in space. Also, who could forget the iconic line, “Zetus Lapetus”, or the catchy Supernova Girl song.

National Geographic offers a host of titles discussing the vast Milky Way Galaxy and beyond if you are looking for something more scientific and educational. This catalog includes Mars: Inside SpaceX, Expedition Mars: Spirit & Opportunity, and Spaced Out, along with many others to help fuel the curiosity of any space enthusiast.  Plus the excellent original series, “The Right Stuff”, which also includes a special documentary about what happened in real life.

What is your favorite space adventure title to watch on repeat on Disney+? Let us know.


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