Hank Pym goes into the Quantum realm to rescue his wife Janet, but accidentally brings back a virus that turns people into zombies in the latest episode of the new Disney+ Original series, “What If…?” It leads to the Avengers being turned into zombies; Bruce Banner, Wasp and Spider-Man trying to find a cure while Vision does some awful things for love and Ant-Man and Black Panther get caught in a horrible situation.

The zombies comics are some of the most polarizing Marvel has ever produced, but this series may be the perfect way to introduce them to the Marvel Cinematic Universe audience. While the MCU has given us gods, space travelers, and radioactive spiders; there’s a good chance zombies would be too much for some in a live action format. But, this animated format makes it far easier to tell the tale and have it be accepted by more of the audience. Maybe this can be a launching pad to enter zombies into live action and maybe not. But, I’m glad they took the chance here rather than try to force something that might not work.

This story is incredibly dark and I appreciate it, but so many of these episodes are ending dismally. Between last week’s Dr. Strange episode and this week’s zombies episode, there’s so much potential for the world to end. While I understand the concept that if you change one event in history it could have a cascade effect changing so many other events, but there’s always the chance that changing that event will actually improve things. I’m not saying they need to do that with every episode, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it more often. Hopefully, we get a few more of those before this season ends.

I love this concept and I’m really liking this show overall. I want to see some happier endings from time to time, but that’s an overall small complaint about what’s been a very enjoyable way to tell new Marvel stories or put a new spin on familiar Marvel stories. It’s a fun show that I hope continues to tell the stories that aren’t finding their way into the movies or other series and, hopefully, this will jumpstart some new stories that carry over to the movies and other series, as well.

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Jeremy Brown

Jeremy has been a big Disney fan since he was a kid growing up during the Disney Renaissance. One day he hopes to go to every Disney Park in the world.

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