Today saw the release of a new Marvel short series on Disney+ called “Marvel Studios: Legends”, which is a new, ongoing series that dives into the epic heroes, villains, and moments from the MCU, and kicks off with two episodes highlighting Wanda Maximoff and Vision, the two stars of WandaVision, and their interconnected path across […]

As the first Marvel Studios television show gets ready to come to Disney+, we’re learning more about the main characters of that series in the new docuseries, “Marvel Studios Legends.” In the second episode of “Legends,” Marvel gives us a profile of Vision before his appearance in “Wandavision.” The seven minute short shows us Vision’s […]

As Disney+ gets ready to launch its first original show from Marvel Studios, we’re learning more about the main characters. The Legends docuseries takes a look at the on screen appearances of the Avengers characters that will be jumping to the streaming service. The first episode gives us a closer look at Wanda Maximoff, also […]

Disney has announced a brand new series called “Marvel Studios: Legends”, which is coming to Disney+ in January. This new ongoing series will dive deeper into the stories of the MCU’s most compelling characters. Marvel Studios: Legends is a new series that will showcase individual characters viewers have come to know and love over the […]