During the Walt Disney Companies Asia-Pacific Showcase event, Disney announced it was making a reboot of the Japanese Anime series “Black Rock Shooter”, called “Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall”. Black Rock Shooter is a media franchise based on an illustration by huke, a world-famous Japanese illustrator, that has spawned music, action figures and a video […]

Yes, I’m back talking about Disney Anime, but this time I will be talking about one specific IP which Disney could utilise as an anime series. That IP is Alita Battle Angel. Let me explain. Reason #1: Alita Has A Ton Of Source Material Let’s start out with one of the most obvious points, the […]

Following the recent news that Sony has spent a billion dollars buying Crunchyroll.   I wanted to bang that Disney Anime drum once again again, but with a twist this time. Sony Pictures Japan and Warner Brothers Japan have both been rather successful when it comes to producing anime. I have written three other articles about […]

Disney+ continues to expand globally, and with more subscribers, comes the ability to offer different types of content.  One area Disney+ hasn’t yet explored in much detail is Anime. Recently I covered if Disney+ will ever offer an anime library. If you haven’t seen that article then click here. In the original article, we looked […]

Disney+ has no doubt been a hit. They offer something for everyone—whether that be Pixar’s entire film library, almost all of Star Wars, almost all of the MCU, a selection of 20th Century Studios titles, as well as Disney live-action remakes galore. But if there is one genre of content Disney severely lacks, it is […]