Marvel is set to be a major part of Disney+, with shows based on Loki, Falcon & Winter Solider and Vision & Scarlet Witch, coming to the New streaming platform.

During a recent interview with Marvel’s Kevin Feige, ScreenRant asked about the upcoming shows.

That’s what I do. I do the chronological order now before every movie. Last question, fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming series on Disney Plus. How involved are you with the storylines of Loki, Falcon and Winter Soldier, Vision and Scarlet Witch? Do you guys have any sense of the budget on these projects? How do you guys envision these shows?

Kevin Feige: We were entirely involved. Marvel Studios is producing for Disney Plus. And, without being too specific, we want to do something that’s going to stand right alongside the MCU films and we’ll be completely intertwined and the story and the characters will go back and forth between Disney Plus programming and the films.

Also during this interview, Kevin Feige discussed other Marvel characters such Young AvengersEternals and Ms. Marvel.  So could we see these characters brought into the MCU or will Disney+ help expand on the characters introduced in the movies.

Are you excited for the new Marvel Disney+ shows?


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