One of the biggest advantages of Disney purchasing 20th Century Fox was that Marvel Studios would be getting full control over established characters like the Fantastic Four and the X-Men.

Since 2019, we’ve heard very little about the introduction these characters. A “Fantastic Four” film has been officially announced, but the release dates keep getting delayed, and no official casting has been announced.

And with the X-Men franchise, Kevin Feige has hinted that things are going to be coming later down the line and even started laying some foundations, following the mention of mutants in the “Ms Marvel” Disney+ series, plus even a little musical nod to the classic 1990s animated series, which is also getting its own revival series, “X-Men 97”, which is going to be coming to Disney+ in 2024. Plus, we are going to see Deadpool 3 and Wolverine in the upcoming “Deadpool 3” film, which is part of the “X-Men” universe.

With the writer’s strike now over, according to Deadline, Marvel Studios is now actively looking to find the writers for the upcoming “X-Men” film and is going to start setting up meetings later this fall for pitches for the upcoming “X-Men” movie.

According to the insiders, Marvel Studios are in no rush to fill the writer’s role, since the film hasn’t been officially announced nor dated yet. Bob Iger has previously stated he wants Marvel Studios to focus on making fewer films and shows, to help improve the quality, reduce costs and slow down superhero fatigue.

Since it has been five years since Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, you’d have assumed Marvel was making plans for the “X-Men” for a while, but perhaps now, with Marvel having to refocus on making a more curated lineup, when compared to phase four, hopefully, it won’t be too long until we get some more information on this upcoming “X-Men” movie.

While we wait for the new “X-Men” film, you’ll find many of the classic “X-Men” films and animated shows on Disney+ now.

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