Another amazing youth recognized a problem in the world and goes out of her way to fix it. Along the way, she becomes the latest member of the Marvel Hero Project.

In this episode, we meet Gitanjali, a young girl who becomes sickened at the thought of people not having access to clean drinking water. Then, she starts thinking if ways to improve the situation. Gitanjali was inspired after learning of the troubles in Flint, Michigan. The middle school aged inventor then started working on a device that would test for contaminants in the water. From there, she continued expanded her mission, using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to make a mark in the world.

I love this girl’s drive and determination. Despite the fact that the STEM fields are mostly male dominated, she’s on a mission to make science fun and alluring for teenage girls to even out the fields. She faced naysayers who told her STEM is “for boys,” but she persevered on a mission to prove STEM is for everyone. This reminds me of an episode of “Girl Meets World” where the main character, noticing the boys taking the lead in science class and the girls becoming complacent, refused to sit back and let her partner do the work. The teacher held the experiment to see if any of the girls would step up and get involved. I have no doubt Gitanjali would’ve not only refused to sit back, she would’ve led the way for girls and boys.

Her determination led her to enter her invention in the “Young Scientist Challenge;” a youth science and engineering competition in Minnesota. She won catching the eye of Denver Water who gave her lab space to continue her research in hopes of ensuring clean drinking water for everyone.

Gitanjali has a second mission which, to me, is just as admirable. She wants everyone to be nice to each other. Using technology, she invented an app that will help kids recognize when they are being mean on social media apps. She’s already pitching that to Kindergarten classes. All of this before High School, meanwhile, she’s on a mission to be accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She’s looking to save the world through science and technology. She sounds like a middle school aged, female Tony Stark to me.

As with every other episode of this series, it’s a nice escape from all the troubles in the negativity in the real world. Working on tv news, I see murder, crime, devastation, disease and anything else bad you can think of every day. I write about those topics every day. This show is cathartic for me. With all the bad in the world, it’s wonderful to see these kids doing good.


Episode: 4 stars out of 5.

Series: 4 stars out of 5.

My question remains, what did you think of the latest episode of Marvel Hero Project? And what do you think of the show overall?

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Jeremy Brown

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