Marvel takes time to recognize the work of yet another remarkable young man as a member of the Marvel Hero Project. Meet Austin. A young man who is trying to make sure no one goes hungry.

Austin and his family were homeless at one time. After finally finding a home, they found out they lived in a good desert; a place where there is no grocery store to provide fresh produce to residents. So, Austin began to grow his own fruits and vegetables for his family. As the garden grew, he started giving away produce to those in his community who needed fruits and vegetables. But, when his garden is vandalized and Austin is forced to move to a new area, Austin found a vacant lot to restart his garden. Eventually, local farmers would step up to help Austin’s garden expand his goal beyond his community.

Ending world hunger is an absolutely admirable goal and one we should all support. Between being homeless and living in a food desert, Austin has a unique experience that helps him understand the plight of those suffering. That empathy makes him the perfect person to lead the charge. Like, every member of the Marvel Hero Project, Austin is inspirational. The farmers who stepped up to help him encourage him to accept that he is more than a gardener and embrace the role of farmer. It reminds me of the slogan “No Farms. No Food.” Without Austin’s efforts, his community wouldn’t have had fruits and vegetables. He took his garden and turned it into a farm.

So far, this has been my favorite comic book presentation of the series. The pure joy on Austin’s face when he sees the Marvel logo is endearing. And, the smile that gets bigger when he is compared to Groot from “Guardians of the Galaxy” is contagious. Since finishing the episode, I’ve just been repeating Austin’s “I love Groot!” line over and over. And that was just the opening letter. As he received his Marvel Hero Project jacket, it was so much fun to hear him say “I’m a Marvel Superhero!” over and over. But, the best moment for me, was when he received the comic book. Austin’s mother started jumping and dancing. Her pride in her son radiated through the TV screen. It felt rewarding to watch the mother and son celebrate his recognition.


Series: 4 out of 5 stars.

Episode: 5 out of 5 stars.

What do you think of Marvel Hero Project?

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Jeremy Brown

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