Disney has announced that the 21st season of the long-running National Geographic reality series, “Life Below Zero”, will be released on Disney+ in the United States on Wednesday, 29th November 2023.    The latest season is currently being released weekly on the National Geographic channel.

This series follows the drama and hardships experienced by four Alaskan households in different corners of this merciless territory as they battle to make it through a long, dark, freezing winter. The huge US state of Alaska boasts some of the world’s most deadly weather, with temperatures regularly plummeting to a lethal -80 Fahrenheit, freezing exposed limbs in minutes.

Alaskans enter a new dawn of survival. Ricko DeWilde’s children take an active role in their way of life. Sue Aikens restores her body and spirit on the tundra. Andy Bassich and Denise Becker seek new resources on the Yukon River. The Hailstones adapt to unnerving changes. Jessie Holmes recovers from a near-death accident. And Cole Sturgis teaches his daughters to survive in the Southeast.

Here are details on the episodes in the upcoming 21st season:

  • Pulled from the Darkness – Alaskans enter a new dawn in the Arctic winter; Sue Aikens endures a storm to get to an essential resource; Jessie Holmes tries to heal from a near-death experience; Ricko DeWilde risks walking on thin ice to look for a significant protein source.
  • Like Ghosts – The residents labour their way through winter’s challenges; Ricko teaches his son Skyler to fish under the ice; Andy and Denise look for food for their dogs; Cole heads into the rugged forest of the south-east on an essential hunt.
  • On the Auroras – Alaskans confront the environment and themselves as winter bears down; Ricko demonstrates a trapping method his late mother taught him; Sue travels to the Kavik Forest to deal with a devastating personal loss.
  • Off the Deep End – Alaskans must learn new skills and rediscover old techniques to aid themselves in the brutal winter; Denise acquires a useful skill to seize an abundant resource; Sue needs to build spaces for herself to take care of her mind and body.
  • Going in Circles – Alaskans take advantage of a brief reprieve from Dark Winter’s wrath; strange weather attracts a migrating food source for Sue; the Hailstones educate the young on securing protein under the ice; Andy and Denise benefit from winter furs.
  • From Here to There – Alaskans test their will and luck against dark winter’s obstacles; Sue faces a massive blizzard on her Arctic coast trek; Ricko teaches the art of trapping to his son, Keenan; Cole Sturgis accompanies his daughters on an ocean quest for food.
  • The Foundation – Alaskans must rely on solid foundations to persist through Dark Winter.
  • The Rising Tides – Alaskans push through the deep cold to increase their odds of survival.
  • The Silent Hunter – Alaskans stand their ground as winter brings one final barrage.
  • Paving Paths – Alaskans brave the awakening landscape as the end of Winter nears.

The previous seasons of “Life Below Zero”, along with many of the spin-off shows, are also available to watch now on Disney+.

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