Disney has announced that the third season of “Life Below Zero: First Alaskans” is going to be coming to Disney+ in the United States on Wednesday 1st May 2024.

The spirit of the land guides Alaska Natives through every season. Tig Strassburg passes on knowledge and skills to his seven children. The younger Apassingoks become the village providers. Joel Jacko combines traditional and modern methods. Jody Potts-Joseph builds a new life in her native village. Marvin Agnot upholds coastal subsistence. And John and Teresa Pingayak train the next generation. 

The third season consists of twenty episodes:

  • “How We Survive” – Alaska Natives race the ticking clock of winter’s arrival. The Apassingok family brave the Bering Sea’s ice floes on the hunt for marine mammals. During the dark of night, Tig Strassburg travels frozen rivers in search of furbearers. Marvin Agnot teaches his young nephew how to hunt around Kodiak Island. And Joel Jacko gets caught in a life-threatening storm.
  • “The Great Hunter” – With winter looming, Alaska’s Indigenous Peoples fight to fill their freezers. Nalu and Chris Apassingok travel inland in search for reindeer. John and Teresa Pingayak ice fish with their family on the tundra. Jody Potts-Joseph and her husband Jamey move their puppies to safer grounds. And Tig and Evan Strassburg embark on a traditional bear denning expedition with their Uncle Dino.
  • “Return of the Caribou” – No matter the obstacles, the Alaska natives are up for the fight. Tig Strassburg and his daughter Hazel battle the elements in search of a bull moose. Joel Jacko scours the wilderness for elusive small game. Marvin Agnot builds an arctic entryway before the deep cold sets in. And Jody Potts-Joseph follows the returning caribou and sets traps for marten. 
  • “Survival Lessons” – Alaska Natives adapt with the change of seasons. Joel Jacko builds a bridge across open water to expand his accessibility to native trails. Marvin Agnot and his nephew Justin Phillips hunt for winter fur on both the land and the sea. Jody Potts-Joseph trains her young dog team on the frozen Yukon River. And Tig Strassburg teaches his daughter Hazel to harvest fur-bearing animals.  
  • “Dead on Arrival” – Sudden forces of nature challenge Indigenous Alaskans during a prolonged winter. Tig Strassburg’s moose hunt is thwarted by a pack of wolves. Marvin Agnot races to repair his home in the face of a coming storm. Jody Potts-Joseph endures heavy snow while on the hunt for birds. John Pingayak makes the most of Typhoon Merbok, harvesting a new resource that’s unexpectedly washed ashore.
  • “Misery and Reward”  –  Indigenous Alaskans use their sovereignty and connection to the land to showcase self-reliance self-sustainability and self-determination. Joel Jacko hunts seals and ice fishes. Jody Potts-Joseph and Jamey Joseph set marten traps and harvest medicine. Tig Strassburg builds a woodshed with the help of his children. Marvin Agnot and Glyndaril White renovate their communal greenhouse.  
  • “Eyes in the Night” – For Indigenous Peoples of Alaska, their knowledge of subsistence and survival comes from their elders. Tig Strassburg combats the growing wolf pack in order to protect the moose population.  Marvin Agnot shows his nieces how to search for octopus on the minus tide. And Joel Jacko fights against the thawing ice to mill lumber for his dream house.  
  • “Lucky Bag” –  Alaska Natives thrive off the land by passing down family traditions to the next generation. Joel Jacko installs a windmill to create clean energy for his remote home. Marvin Agnot braves the Aleutian tides to procure tanner crabs. John and Teresa Pingayak journey to the mud volcanoes for fish and ptarmigan. And Tig Strassburg teaches his daughter Sophie to snare for beaver.   
  • “Rite of Spring” –  Spring arrives in the arctic and brings about new challenges. John Pingayak and Sonna Boy scour the tundra in search of ptarmigans. Joel Jacko travels into the mountains for rare snowbirds. Tig Strassburg teaches Evan the ins and outs of goose hunting. And after the Yukon’s yearly break-up, Jody Potts
  • “Precious Cargo” – Teresa and her daughters return to their ancestral tundra for a bird hunt.
  • “Sound the Drum” – For Alaska Natives, preparing for the future means revisiting the past
  • “Pass the Torch” – Traditional knowledge gives hope to future generations of Alaska Natives.
  • “We Got an Opener” – Alaska Natives must seek the bounty of the sea during the busy summer.
  • “Old Ways New Realities” – On the rivers their ancestors relied on, Alaska Natives subsist and thrive.
  • “Salmon People” – Alaska Natives fight to continue traditional practises on changing lands.
  • “Veins of Alaska” – Alaska Natives travel the rivers of their homelands to seek critical resources.
  • “Look Good Shoot Good” – Alaska Natives prepare for fall hunting and harvest.
  • “Stealth Mode” – Alaska Natives stockpile food and resources ahead of winter.
  • “A Moose Can Feed a Family” – The youngest generation of Alaska Natives look to become providers.
  • “A Story of Survival” – On the brink of winter, Alaska Natives pursue moose, fish, and warmth.


The third season has recently been shown on the National Geographic channel, ahead of a binge drop onto Disney+.

The previous seasons of “Life Below Zero: First Alaskan” are also available to stream now on Disney+.

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