One of the most popular shows right now is “Grey’s Anatomy”, which regularly tops the streaming chart on Hulu and Disney+ around the world. The medical drama follows a team of doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial who are faced with life-or-death decisions on a daily basis. They seek comfort from one another and, at times, more than just friendship. Together, they discover that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white.

This coming Fall, “Grey’s Anatomy” is returning for its twenty-first season, but, like many long-running shows, it is having to make changes to continue as it’s been revealed that “Grey’s Anatomy” is going to have to go through some budget cuts.

These budget cuts are going to hit some of the cast, as Deadline has revealed that Jake Borelli, who plays Levi Schmitt, will be leaving the show. Midori Francis, who plays Mika Yasuda, will also be leaving. There are talks happening to try to finish off the character’s story in the next season.

The budget cuts won’t end there, as apparently, many of the veteran cast members are expected to have a reduction in their episodic guarantees, so some characters may appear in fewer episodes rather than take a pay cut.  

These kinds of cuts are impacting many long-running shows, as budgets have ballooned over the years, especially as a show like “Grey’s Anatomy”, existed before streaming and existing contracts are based on an era of television that no longer exists.

The previous seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy” are available to stream now on Hulu and Hulu On Disney+ in the United States. The show is also available on Disney+ worldwide.

Roger’s POV:  It’s unfortunate that Jake and Midori are going to be leaving “Grey’s Anatomy”, but it’s obvious that the show’s character roster has gotten too large, and they can’t use all of the characters properly.  Especially Jake’s character, who hasn’t done much in the latest season.

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