Now that Disney+ is a few months old I wanted to look at some features that I’d like to see added to the app, which would improve what content is available on Disney+ and much more.

Check out my 5 suggestions below:

5. Live Specials at the Disney Parks

Every year around the holidays a live special is held at the park. Last year’s special could be live streamed after it aired, right up until Christmas. I think it would be great if they would show the special as it airs live. As cord cutting grows in popularity, many are not going to be able to access specials live. I think it would increase viewership for the specials.

4. Disney Parks Parades and Fireworks Displays

There are several parades held at the Disney Parks. Providing a way to stream them live could be an excellent viewing option for Disney parks enthusiasts when they aren’t at the parks. Yes, the annual Christmas parade airs on ABC, but the Mickey’s Boo to You Halloween parade could certainly be streamed live. It runs on select nights between August and November. It can be repetitive, yes, but kids don’t worry about repetition. (Example my son has watched all 4 “Toy Story” movies 4 times since the most recent one hit Disney Plus.) If it’s something your kid enjoys seeing, it would be great to have easy access to it.

Also, as any American knows, the Fourth of July is a big night for fireworks in the United States. There’s a popular fireworks show in Boston every year featuring the Boston Pops which airs live on tv. I think it would be fun and interesting to air the fireworks shows at the Disney Parks live, especially on Independence Day. The park attractions in Florida and California provide an amazing backdrop that makes the fireworks pop even more.

3. Expansion of Age Profiles

Right now, the profiles on Disney Plus are divided by all access and kids. I would like to see them expand the settings for the profiles. The profiles could be expended to preschool, school aged, teens and adults. This could allow parents to set a more thorough set of options for what is available for kids

2. Next Day On Demand Viewing

In the United States, there are two major viewing models for streaming services. The Netflix model is to wait until a show’s season ends and then put the entire season on the app. Disney Plus is currently using this model for its shows that air on Disney’s multiple channels. The other model is the Hulu model. On Hulu, new episodes of shows are added the day after they air. I would like to see Disney Plus adopt this model. I think it’s better for the viewer who watches shows on their channels. Given that Disney owns Hulu, it shouldn’t be difficult to adopt the same model.

1. Live Streaming of TV Channels

Disney owns so many live TV channels. The House of Mouse owns ABC, the ESPN family of networks, Disney Channel, Disney Jr, Disney XD and Freeform. While I understand why it may not be possible to live stream ABC and the ESPN channels on Disney Plus, I would love to see the other channels added. Disney Channel, Disney Jr, and Disney XD would be great for kids. And Freeform is excellent for teens. I understand Freeform can be tricky with content, but the site already uses disclaimers for older movies. The same could work for Freeform. Plus, with Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween and 25 Days of Christmas specials, live streaming on Disney Plus could drive up viewership.


What do you think would improve Disney Plus? What would you like to see added to Disney+?

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Jeremy Brown

Jeremy has been a big Disney fan since he was a kid growing up during the Disney Renaissance. One day he hopes to go to every Disney Park in the world.

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