This weekend, Disney released the season finale of the second season of the animated series, “The Ghost and Molly McGee”, on the Disney Channel, and it’s been confirmed that the show has now come to an end after two seasons.

The animated buddy-comedy follows tween optimist Molly (voiced by Ashly Burch), who lives to make the world a better place, and grumpy ghost Scratch (voiced by Dana Snyder), whose job is to spread misery. When one of Scratch’s curses backfires, he finds himself forever bound to Molly.

The final episode is called “The End” and sees a flood of lost memories, forcing Scratch to make big decisions about his afterlife. The good thing about the final episode is that the story does come to a complete close, rather than just being left wide open for future stories.

The creators/executive producers Bill Motz and Bob Roth, along with the executive producer Steve Loter and the crew of the series came together on Saturday night to watch the finale.

Bill Motz took to social media to thank Disney and the fans:

Bob and I want to express our profound thanks to @DisneyTVA and every single person who graced our show with their talent. Without you, Molly would just be another idea swimming around in our heads.

We hope that #TheGhostandMollyMcGee has brought you joy and that you always keep a little Molly McGee in your spirit as you “enhappify” your family, friends, communities, and world.   Thank you also to all of our #TGAMM fans for your wonderful support. It’s been a delight taking this journey with you

He also shared more details on the creation of the show:

We were deep in the writing of Season 2 scripts when #TheGhostandMollyMcGee premiered in October 2021. The early indicators from our first drop on Disney+ were that the show was doing quite well, so wanting to keep the production going, Disney decided to commission the writing of 10 Season 3 scripts in hopes of success.

Unfortunately, without the robust marketing support we had at launch, our second drop on Disney+ in December 21 did not perform as well. Even though our third drop improved, by early June 2022, it was decided that the show would not continue onto a Season 3. It was pencils down.

Obviously, this broke our hearts. And not just the hearts of “The Ghost and Molly McGee” crew, but all the supporting teams at Disney TVA, including the leadership that had invested passion, time, and resources into bringing this show to life.

Bob and I always knew how we wanted the series to end, but without additional episodes, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to tell that story. So, we asked for one more episode to wrap everything up.

That was a HUGE request, asking Disney to spend additional resources on a show they had just decided not to continue. Yet somehow, miraculously, the team at Disney TVA found a way to make it happen.

At that same time, big changes came to Disney: Bob Chapek left and Bob Iger returned. With those transitions, and knowing that it can take a show 15 months to find an audience, many felt there was an opportunity to revisit the Season 3 decision. The studio liked the show and hoped that its Season 2 performance would prove that it should continue.

It was during this time that the title “The End” was revealed, so Bob Tweeted, “The End doesn’t necessarily mean the end.” The plan was to hold that episode until it was clear the series was actually coming to an end.

And indeed, Season 2 did perform quite well. But, in this ever-changing and dynamic media landscape, the show needed to grow its viewership even more than it did to merit additional episodes. So, the no Season 3 decision was upheld.

Here’s the thing I want you to know: We are incredibly proud of this show. It is everything we hoped it would be and more. There’s not a single thing we would change about it.

And though we are sad the series has come to an end, we are also immensely grateful to Disney for believing in us and bringing our vision to life.

I cannot stress enough what a big deal this is. The studio committed years of resources, effort, and support to make “The Ghost and Molly McGee” a reality. The fact that the show exists at all is amazing to me.

We hope our little show has brought you joy and that you always keep a little Molly McGee in your spirit as you “enhappify” your family, friends, communities, and world.

Thank you,

Bill Motz

This final episode will also be released on Disney+ in the United States on Wednesday, 17th January 2024, though you can watch the final episode now on YouTube.

You can catch previous episodes of “The Ghost And Molly McGee” on Disney+ now.

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