Back in April, Disney announced that Disney+ would be rolled out in Western Europe by the end of the March 2020, however the new streaming service is currently available as a trial in the Netherlands, but looking at some of the current job vacancies, it does look like Disney+ won’t be hitting for a while.

Looking at the Disney Careers page, they have multiple positions available for their new Disney+ app in the UK, which cover Europe and Africa including:

  • Programming Director Disney+ Europe and Africa
  • Customer Service Coordinator, Disney+
  • Customer Experience Manager, Disney+
  • Content Merchandiser, Disney+
  • Senior Data Analyst, Disney+
  • Along with many others

All of these new positions have only been advertised in the past week, so it will take time for Disney to conducted interviews, do reference checks and train new staff.

The Disney+ team in Europe is responsible for the launch and day-to-day operation of Disney+ across the region, specifically focused on customer acquisition and retention, marketing, promotions and synergy, product development and partnerships, implementation/adaptation of the global content strategy, and research and analytics.

The Programming Director Disney+ Europe and Africa will also lead content strategy, adapting the global content strategy for each market in the region.   And the reason for these differences include rights, windowing restrictions, availability, European quota restrictions, competitive context, regulatory restrictions, market preferences, research, viewing analysis, etc.

Many of the other jobs are much more technical in nature.  Disney Streaming Services already has offices in Manchester and Amsterdam.  And its in Amsterdam that Disney+ is currently being tested before it rolls out in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Disney already has a streaming service called DisneyLife in the UK and Ireland, but the roll out in Europe is more complicated due to European quotas, which mean streaming services must provide a certain percentage of its content must be made in Europe.  Which is one of the big reasons why Disney has recently invested so much in studio space in the UK.

There are also issues with existing deals with companies like Sky and rules in certain countries like France, which won’t allow any recently released movies to be available on a streaming platform, to protect cinemas.

Hopefully once the US launch of Disney+ is completed, Disney can start making more announcements regarding its international roll out, since up till now, this slide is pretty much all we know:

It’s also good news for African Disney fans, since these job descriptions look to confirm Disney+ will also eventually be rolling out there as well.


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Roger Palmer

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  1. Trond Michelsen October 23, 2019

    Could these job announcements be for the areas covered by Disney Channel Europe, Middle East and Africa? i.e. basically Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa?