New details on the availability of Disney+ in the Middle East and Northern Africa have been revealed, as it’s been announced that Disney+ Originals will be available on the OSN streaming service, Wavo, which is relaunching as OSN today.  However, there are no imminent plans to launch the Disney+ standalone platform in the region and […]

With the first wave of countries for the European launch of Disney+ now completed, Disney is now looking ahead to launching Disney+ in the Middle East and Northern Africa, as satellite provider OSN (Orbit Showtime Network) has teased the launch of Disney+ on it’s social media, with multiple images of the Disney+ Original “Star Wars: […]

Back in April, Disney announced that Disney+ would be rolled out in Western Europe by the end of the March 2020, however the new streaming service is currently available as a trial in the Netherlands, but looking at some of the current job vacancies, it does look like Disney+ won’t be hitting for a while. […]