Earlier this year, the French authorities introduced a new rule for new films being released in France, which has protective laws in place to protect French TV and streaming platforms.

The new rules in place in France mean that any new theatrical release in France is required to have a four-month theatrical exclusive, before being available to purchase. Then at six months, they are available on Canal+. Seventeen months after its initial release, a film can be released on Disney+ for five months before being removed to air on free-to-air channels for a further 14 months, before returning to Disney+ after three years after its initial release.

All of which, is very confusing for consumers, but it also must be frustrating for Disney not to have full distribution control over its own content. Netflix and Amazon have agreed to these terms. However, Disney has not, which is why “Strange World” skipped a theatrical release and went directly to Disney+ in France instead.

Variety has revealed that Disney has almost made a new deal with French TV Groups over the movie release window for Disney+. The new deal will only apply to films budgeted over $25 million and, should the deal be approved by all parties, including Canal+, will allow services such as Disney+ and Amazon to extend the length of their SVOD window by two months, up to 22 months after the release in cinemas. In addition, instead of having to pull these films from their services during the entire free-to-air channel windows, platforms will only be required to withdraw them for 60 days from the first day of airing on free-to-air channels.

A source told Variety:

“We’ve almost reached a compromise with these services, but we’re making the biggest effort”

What do you think about this rule changing in France?

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