We’re back with another Disney+ battle. This time we are going to compare and contrast one of the popular films from Disney’s most lucrative period, the Renaissance, and a forgotten film from Disney’s Bronze Age of Animation. Let’s take a look at “Mulan” and “The Great Mouse Detective.”


The main character of “Mulan” is the titular Mulan. She’s a young Chinese girl who goes to war in place of her father. She becomes a soldier but is sent home when it is discovered she’s a woman. She still returns and saves China from an attack by the Huns. The main character of “The Great Mouse Detective” is Basil of Baker Street, a mouse version of Sherlock Holmes. Basil is trying to capture the villainous Sir Ratigan, and the perfect case falls into his lap when Ratigan kidnaps a mouse and that mouse’s daughter comes to Basil for help. Both are actually excellent protagonists, but Mulan is a stronger main character. Point to “Mulan.”

Mulan 1 | The Great Mouse Detective 0


The villain of “Mulan” is Shan-Yu, the leader of the Huns who is invading China. He is leading an attack on a sovereign nation because he wants the land. That’s evil. The villain of “The Great Mouse Detective” is Sir Ratigan. He is the rat equivalent of a rich man trying to overthrow the British government and instill himself as king. That’s also evil. Shan-Yu uses guerrilla war tactics but is mostly confined to a battlefield until the attack on the palace. Ratigan kidnaps mice to do his bidding and has no problems killing his own minions by feeding them to his cat. I’m going to give the point to “The Great Mouse Detective.”

Mulan 1 | The Great Mouse Detective 1


Both of these films have some great supporting characters. In “Mulan,” Mushu stands out but Mulan’s fellow soldiers are also hysterical characters. Dawson and Olivia help further the plot of “The Great Mouse Detective,” but they don’t stand out like Mushu. Fidget is the breakout supporting character in “The Great Mouse Detective,” but even he looks inferior next to Mushu. Point to “Mulan.”

Mulan 2 | The Great Mouse Detective 1


This is a bit of an unfair category in this battle because one is a musical from Disney Renaissance. “Mulan” features an excellent score, and “Let’s Get Down To Business” is a banger that plays to Donnie Osmond’s talents perfectly. “The Great Mouse Detective” has an excellent score especially during the climax on Big Ben. It’s still not as good, musically, as “Mulan.” Point to “Mulan.”

Mulan 3 | The Great Mouse Detective 1


This is the most subjective category because what is memorable to some may not be memorable to others and vice versa. For “Mulan,” the memorable moments include Mulan’s meeting with the Matchmaker, the call to war, Mulan going in her father’s place, “Let’s Get Down To Business,” Mulan being discovered, Mushu and Mulan winning the war for China. The memorable moments for “The Great Mouse Detective” include Olivia’s father’s abduction, Basil and Dawson’s capture then escape, Fidget, Ratigan’s plot to take over the crown and Basil defeating Ratigan. Both are memorable, but “Mulan” is slightly more memorable. Point to “Mulan.”

Mulan 4 | The Great Mouse Detective 1

“Mulan” wins this battle, but don’t sleep on “The Great Mouse Detective.” Both of these are great films that are fun to watch. Which film do you prefer?

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Jeremy Brown

Jeremy has been a big Disney fan since he was a kid growing up during the Disney Renaissance. One day he hopes to go to every Disney Park in the world.

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