The Disney Renaissance is an era of animation that ran from 1989 to 1999. It is the most financially lucrative timeframe for the Walt Disney Animation Studios. Featuring ten films, most of them ranged from fairly successful to massively successful at the box office. While the musical nature of most of the films worked as […]

We’re back with another Disney+ battle. This time we are going to compare and contrast one of the popular films from Disney’s most lucrative period, the Renaissance, and a forgotten film from Disney’s Bronze Age of Animation. Let’s take a look at “Mulan” and “The Great Mouse Detective.” 1. PROTAGONIST The main character of “Mulan” […]

The 1990s was one of the most successful times for the Walt Disney Animation Studios. The majority of the films released were part of the Disney Renaissance and most of them were box office hits. Even the ones that considered failures, still made their money back. Many people of a certain age will identify their […]

“Let’s get down to business.” And with that edict, Disney’s rendition of a Chinese legend gives us one of the best stories of female empowerment from the 1990s with “Mulan.” The film tells the tale of Fa Mulan, a girl who is thought to be bringing shame on her family because she doesn’t seem to […]

We’re back with another Disney+ Battle. This week, an underrated gem from Disney’s Dark Age of Animation (or First Dark Age of Animation, if you prefer) takes on one of the last films in the Disney Renaissance as “The Fox and the Hound” goes head to head with “Mulan.” Let’s see which one wins this […]

Following the release of the live-action version of “Mulan” on Disney+ Premier Access and digital platforms, Disney has announced that it will be releasing the film on physical media in the United States on November 10th. Disney will also be releasing the original animated version of “Mulan” on 4K Blu-Ray disc as well. The films […]

Following the release of the live action version of “Mulan” on Disney+ Premier Access in September, Walt Disney Studios have now released “Mulan” on other digital platforms including Amazon, Apple, Vudu and more. “Mulan” is priced at $29.99/£19.99, which is the exact same price as on Disney+ Premier Access, however a monthly subscription isn’t required.  […]

Just over a month after Disney released the live-action version of Mulan on Disney+ as part of a new “Premier Access” program, Disney will be releasing the film on other digital platforms. It will be released on October 6th for $29.99, on multiple digital platforms including Amazon, Vudu, and others.  It’s unclear if Disney will […]

With some cinemas still closed around the globe and fears over people not heading to cinemas, Disney decided to move the theatrical release of Mulan over to Disney+, as part of a new “Premier Access” program.  Mulan is priced at $29.99 and according to a report from Yahoo! Finance, citing data from 7Park Data, 9 […]

Disney loves to go back to its animated classics for live-action remakes, especially after movies such as “Aladdin”, “Beauty and the Beast” and “Cinderella”. The latest remake is “Mulan” and due to the Coronavirus causing enormous problems for Disney because cinemas were closed around the world, resulting in Disney moving the film from theatres and […]

To tie-in with the release of the new Disney+ Original movie, Mulan, Disney is going to be releasing a twin pack of face masks featuring designs inspired by the film.  One mask features Mulan on horseback, with the other mask featuring different artwork from the film. The twin pack is priced at $11.99 and will […]

In this What’s On Disney Plus Podcast episode, Roger and James discuss all of this weeks Disney+ news including Mulan coming to Disney+ as Premier Access, the reaction from the community and Roger shares his thoughts on the film. James and Roger also talk about their thoughts on the new Disney+ series, Earth To Ned […]