It’s time for another Disney+ Battle. This time, we are comparing one of the most popular films from the Disney Revival, that as of this writing has been granted a live action remake, and an often forgotten film from Disney’s Experimental Age of Animation. Let’s take a look and see which is better between “Moana” and “Chicken Little.”


The main characters of both of these films are listed in the titles. Moana and Chicken Little both drive their stories very well. Moana is chosen by the ocean to restore the heart of Te Fiti and allow her people to sail again. Chicken Little is a boy who just wants to bond with his father but is convinced the sky is falling. Both are strong protagonists, but I like Moana a little bit better as a character. Point to “Moana.”

Moana 1 | Chicken Little 0


The villain of “Moana” is Te Kā which is just what Te Fiti has become since having her heart stolen. Once her heart is returned, she reverts to Te Fiti and calms the waters. Meanwhile, the villain of “Chicken Little” is Foxy Loxy. She’s a school bully who picks on Chicken Little and his friends until aliens alter her memory. Neither of these villains are evil, per se, but Te Kā is much more devastating. Point to “Moana.”

Moana 2 | Chicken Little 0


“Moana” features two of the best supporting characters in the Disney canon in Maui and Hei-Hei. One is voiced by the Rock and brings out some of the best of Dwayne Johnson’s personality in the character. The other is Alan Tudyk making chicken noises, which takes a lot of guts from the filmmakers to get someone that talented to just make bird sounds. “Chicken Little” has several of the known characters from the story like Foxy Loxy and Goosey Loosey, but they just don’t stand out like the supporting characters from “Moana.” Point to “Moana.”

Moana 3 | Chicken Little 0


“Moana” is a classic Disney musical. It introduces several new songs written by the talented Lin-Manuel Miranda. “How Far I’ll Go” is one of my favorite songs in the Disney canon. It also has a great score. “Chicken Little” was made in a time when Disney was avoiding musicals, but it features some good contemporary songs from the mid-2000s. Still, the music of “Moana” is better. Point to “Moana.”

Moana 4 | Chicken Little 0


This remains the most subjective of these categories because what one person finds memorable may not be memorable for someone else. From “Moana,” I found Moana sailing, Maui’s song, tricking the crab, fighting Te Ka and restoring the heart to Te Fiti as the most memorable moments. In “Chicken Little,” I remember the baseball game, the bullying and the alien attack. “Moana” is more memorable. Point to “Moana.”

Moana 5 | Chicken Little 0

It’s a clean sweep for “Moana,” and honestly, this was probably an unfair matchup. “Moana” is one of the most well-loved Disney films of all time, while “Chicken Little” is often forgotten. “Chicken Little” is still important for the evolution of animation, but it just doesn’t hold up as well as a film. But which film do you prefer?

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Jeremy Brown

Jeremy has been a big Disney fan since he was a kid growing up during the Disney Renaissance. One day he hopes to go to every Disney Park in the world.

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