Marvel Actor Anthony Mackie recently spoke with IMDB about the end scene in Avengers: Endgame and how it helps set up his upcoming Disney+ series with Facon and Winter Soldier.

That scene sees Captain America Steve Rogers passing the “Shield” to Falcon.  This scene sets up the events of the upcoming Disney+ exclusive series, Falcon and Winter Soldier.

Anthony Mackie talks about his relationship with Sebastian Stan, playing Sam Wilson and taking up the mantle of Captain Amercia.

“It means a lot for my sons to be able to see Captain America as a black dude. That means a lot, to me. And to be that dude for my sons. So that thank you, that moment, wasn’t just about ‘Hey, we’re acting’. It’s like a lot of things have gone right twenty years in this business and for that to happen.”

He also talks about the upcoming series and how Falcon will become the new Captain America.

“I think once I see the suit, I haven’t seen it. So once I see the suit, once we start this Disney+ series then I think it’ll be real…It’ll be real when I see it.”

And this new series looks to explore the events after the movie as Falcon becomes Captain America:

“What I didn’t want for me to get the shield from Cap and then the next movie I show up and you just see me in some pimped-out suit with a shield.  That’s why I’m so interested in seeing how do we build that to the next film. “

Anthony explained that he doesn’t know too much about the series yet:

“I haven’t read anything, I haven’t seen a new suit, I haven’t seen anything. What I’m guessing…Bucky and I go off on a worldwind adventure to save the world and find life after Captain America.”

It will be interesting to see when Falcon comes the new Captain America and I would guess that it could be similar to how the Netflix series did it, with that happening in the last episode to set up the new Captain America for the “New Avengers” movies.

This interview is over 40 minutes long and goes into lots of detail of making the previous movies and much more.

Check out the full interview below:

Are you excited for the new Falcon & Winter Soldier Disney+ series?

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