Thunderbird Entertainment has officially announced their “Fall” lineup of new animated shows, which include 101 Dalmatian Street and The Legend of the Three Caballeros, which will be coming to Disney+ on November 12th.

In their press release, it stated:

The Legend of the Three Caballeros:
Release: Disney+ Platform launches November 12, 2019
Format: 13 x 22 episodes

101 Dalmatians:
Release: Disney+ Platform launches November 12, 2019

We’ve known about these series for a while, since 101 Dalmatian Street has already aired on the Disney Channel in some countries and the Legend of the Three Caballeros has also been released in some countries in Asia.  However, both series were held back from a major international release for Disney+.

It looks like the entire season of Legend of the Three Caballeros will be available at launch, but it’s unclear if the 101 Dalmatian Street show will be released weekly or all at once.

“With a record-breaking eight Thunderbird productions set to premiere this fall season, and several more to be announced soon, we are thrilled to provide updates about some of the incredible projects we have been working on,” says Jennifer Twiner McCarron, chief executive officer, Thunderbird Entertainment and Atomic Cartoons. “Whether it’s breaking down barriers with shows like Molly of Denali, and Kim’s Convenience, enthralling and educating like Highway Thru Hell, and High Arctic Haulers, or bringing smiles and excitement like 101 Dalmatian Street and The Last Kids on Earth, we are deeply proud of every person involved in these productions, and can’t wait to see how they are embraced by audiences around the world.”

101 Dalmatian Street follows the lives of Delilah and Doug, descendants of Pongo and Perdita, and their 99 dalmatian pups at 101 Dalmatian Street, Camden Town.

The Legend of the Three Caballeros follows Donald Duck, Jóse Carioca and Panchito Pistoles, who find themselves inheritors of a heroic legacy, and resume their ancestors’ quest with the aid of a valiant Greek goddess.

Are you excited for these new animated series?

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  1. Agent51 November 17, 2019

    Found legend of the three cabaleros but still can’t find 101 Dalmatian street in the US. Starting to thing this information is either false incomplete or misunderstood upon supposed confirmation. It is currently November 17th at the time of this post.

    1. Roger Palmer November 19, 2019

      At the time we could only go by the official press release from a company making the show