The upcoming animated series, “The Legend Of The Three Caballeros”, featuring Donald Duck, has now been confirmed to be coming to Disney+ when it launches on November 12th.

The shows producer, Matt Danner, confirmed via Twitter:

Good news! I just spoke with Disney. We are back to officially officially official official… officially

This tweet was in reference to a previous tweet about the show being listed on a website as being available on Disney+ at launch, but was waiting to confirm the details.

“The Legend Of The Three Caballeros” stars Donald Duck, Jóse Carioca and Panchito Pistoles find themselves inheritors of a heroic legacy, and resume their ancestors’ quest with the aid of a valiant Greek goddess.

The series was created by Disney Interactive and has been stuck in limbo for its release since last year.  The series has been released on the DisneyLife streaming service in the Philippines, the Disney Channel in South East Asia and on the Japanese streaming service, Disney Deluxe.

Earlier this year, Donald Duck voice actor, Tony Anselmo announced at the Ontario Comic Con that “Legend Of The Three Caballeros” would be coming to Disney+.

It isn’t yet clear if the entire series will be available on the first day, or if Disney will release episodes weekly.

Are you excited for the “Legend of the Three Caballeros”?

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