The group ends up in the wildwoods where Jade finally meets her real family in the latest episode of the Disney+ Original Series, “Willow.” Boorman reunites with a group of Bone Reavers that he has previously been associated with. Greydon is working to figure out how to make Elora trust him again. And after eating something that compels everyone to tell the truth, Willow lets it slip to Elora that he isn’t the great magician he claims to be but someone who got lucky when he saved her.

A lot of this episode is completely necessary to advance the plot of the show, but it is surrounded by something that feels like a lot of filler. The plot development that Jade was originally a Bone Reaver who was kidnapped and turned against her own is incredibly compelling and leads to some interesting character development for both Jade and Kit. But a lot of the episode’s focus is on Boorman who isn’t that interesting in this environment. Although, the ending does set up something that has the potential to make Boorman more compelling going forward.

Eventually, Elora was going to find out the truth about Willow and how he really saved her during the events of the film. The way it was presented was a bit predictable, but still well executed plot device. I’m interested to see how Elora continues to learn her magic while not trusting Willow going forward. Clearly they will work it out before the series, or season, ends, but who knows what they will go through to get to that point? I’m very interested in Elora’s and Jade’s stories.

The show currently has a Greydon problem. When he was possessed, he was one of the most interesting parts of the show, but now that he’s not possessed, he’s not interesting. I’m curious to learn more about his backstory and how he killed his brother, but I just don’t care about him. He’s the second least interesting character in the series. The only character less interesting than him is the Prince they are looking for.

While I’m enjoying the series overall, this was my least favorite episode of the series so far. Too much filler. Too much focus on Boorman and Graydon. Neither character is at a point they are irredeemable, but neither grabs my attention yet. Still, Jade and Elora, and to a lesser extent Kit, make me want to see more of this show. It’s good, but not great. However, the potential for greatness is there.

Rating: 3.5 stars

What did you think of the latest episode of “Willow?’

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