It’s the start of a new week and time to take a look at what’s coming to Hulu this week, which includes a brand new limited series from FX and much more.  

With the Hulu On Disney+ beta underway, many of the new additions to Hulu are also going to be available within Disney+ for Hulu subscribers, though it’s important to note that not every Hulu release will be available due to licensing and sometimes new additions take a little longer to turn up.

Here’s the rundown:


FX’s “Shōgun,” an original adaptation of James Clavell’s bestselling novel, is set in Japan in the year 1600 at the dawn of a century-defining civil war. Producer Hiroyuki Sanada stars as Lord Yoshii Toranaga who is fighting for his life as his enemies on the Council of Regents unite against him. 

When a mysterious European ship is found marooned in a nearby fishing village, its English pilot, John Blackthorne (Cosmo Jarvis), comes bearing secrets that could help Toranaga tip the scales of power and devastate the formidable influence of Blackthorne’s own enemies — the Jesuit priests and Portuguese merchants. Toranaga’s and Blackthorne’s fates become inextricably tied to their translator, Toda Mariko (Anna Sawai), a mysterious Christian noblewoman and the last of a disgraced line. 
While serving her lord amidst this fraught political landscape, Mariko must reconcile her newfound companionship with Blackthorne, her commitment to the faith that saved her and her duty to her late father. 

The first two episodes of “Shōgun” are available to stream on Hulu from today and new episodes are being released every week.

Me, Hereafter

Voices of victims come to life in this new true-crime series. Filled with intricate twists and turns, the truth is revealed from the victim’s POV.

Streaming Thursday, February 29th 2024

Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire

This action-packed animated sci-fi anthology presents ten futuristic visions from Africa inspired by the continent’s diverse histories and cultures. Executive produced by Oscar-winning director Peter Ramsey, these ten short films made by a new generation of animation creators draw on uniquely African perspectives to imagine brave new worlds of advanced technology, aliens, spirits, and monsters. This is Africa as you’ve never seen it before.

Streaming Wednesday, February 28th 2024

Alternative Therapy – Season 2

In Season Two of “Alternative Therapy,” a recently-graduated Selva faces another encounter with death, as a tragedy leaves her immersed in a funk. With the help of Miguel Ángel, a new circle of contacts, and a fresh batch of emotionally-scarred patients, Selva is able to overcome her sorrow and refocus her work. Meanwhile, her longtime adversary, Grace, schemes to get Selva back on her show.

Streaming Wednesday, February 28th 2024

The Impossible Heir

Having grown up in a hell worse than the gutters, Taeoh’s ambitions surpass ordinary talents. As he uses his talents as a weapon to reach his goals, Inha and Hyewon appear before him, each with different desires. These three come together fatefully and embark on a dangerous journey. Will a happy ending await them? Or will it be an irreversible tragedy?

Streaming Wednesday, February 28th 2024

Everything Is Fine

An ordinary family faces a catastrophe: the serious illness of one of its children. Each member of the family sees their personal life impacted by this ordeal. Disasters make people more human, though not necessarily better.

Streaming Wednesday, February 28th 2024


To secure his people’s future, a young man travels to a dangerous, resource-rich planet — where malevolent forces push him toward a foreboding destiny.

Streaming Friday, March 1st 2024

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