It’s the start of a brand new week and time to take a look at what’s coming to Hulu this week, which includes a new special Huluween event featuring four new episodes of “American Horror Stories” and much more.

Here’s the rundown:

Note: This list is subject to change

American Horror Stories – Huluween 4-Episode Event

“American Horror Stories,” a spin-off of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s award-winning anthology series “American Horror Story,” is an anthology series featuring a different horror story each episode. Since 2011, the creators of AHS have redefined the horror genre with various installments featuring a creepy asylum, a coven of witches, a traveling freak show, a haunted hotel and the apocalypse itself. The television series sprouted a legion of dedicated fans who anticipate what terrors the next chapter will hold. “American Horror Stories” is executive produced by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Alexis Martin Woodall, Max Winkler, Manny Coto and Jon Robin Baitz. “American Horror Stories” is produced by 20th Television.

Streaming Thursday, October 26th

Shoresy – Season 2

Shoresy” (Jared Keeso) joins the Sudbury Bulldogs of the Northern Ontario Senior Hockey Organization (aka The NOSHO) on a quest to never lose again.

Streaming Friday, October 27th

The Kardashians – New Episode

Khloé navigates her increasingly complicated living situation while throwing a birthday party for True. Kim continues her European soccer trip and meets a potential date for the Met Gala. Meanwhile, the family helps Scott with his back problems.

Explorer: Lake Of Fire

A team of explorers attempt to reach the top of a remote, unexplored volcano in search of answers to the mystery of when and why volcanoes erupt.

Streaming Friday, October 27th

My Home Hero – 2 Episode Premiere

Tetsuo Tosu, a humble forty-seven-year-old company man, watches a corpse simmer as he wonders what on earth goes through a murderer’s mind when they kill someone. He had never broken a single law in his life, but starting today, he is a cold-blooded killer. Up until a short time ago, Tetsuo was living a typical life with his wife Kasen and rebellious daughter Reika. However, one day, Tetsuo notices a bruise on Reika’s face as if someone punched her. Reika refuses to tell him who it was, so Tetsuo sneaks into her home, where he finds Nobuto Matori, her pseudo-yakuza boyfriend, raising his hand to her. For the family he loves, Nobuto takes on fierce opponents in the underworld in a life-or-death battle of wit.

Streaming Tuesday, October 24th

Lions Of Sicily

Brothers Paolo and Ignazio Florio leave Calabria’s poverty-stricken Bagnara Calabra for Palermo, where they open an apothecary and quickly become wealthy. However, Paolo’s son, Vincenzo, transforms the Florio family into a bona fide business empire during the years leading up to the Unification of Italy. Driven by a burning desire to succeed, he aspires to be treated as an equal by the nobility of Palermo, a quest that requires him to marry an aristocrat. However, he falls madly in love with middle-class Giulia Portalupi and sacrifices his desires for nobility. This tasks their only son, Ignazio, with upholding the Florio name.

Streaming Wednesday, October 25th

Koffee With Karan

Karan Johar brews a heady Koffee in Season 8. Hosting glamorous Bollywood A-listers, the chat digs deeper as KJo springs in to reveal and rile all at once.

Streaming Thursday, October 26th

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