The rest of the Calvins return to the North Pole to help Scott reclaim the title of Santa from Simon and bring back the Spirit of Christmas in just a few hours in the season finale of the Disney+ Original Series, “The Santa Clauses.” Scott realizes why it’s so important for him to be Santa. Simon realizes what he’s doing isn’t actually improving things and ends up back at home with his daughter. Buddy begins his apprenticeship under Scott while also proving he really is a Claus to Riley. In the end, the Clauses finally spend Christmas together.

While cheesy and predictable, this was still a cute and fun series. It was nice to revisit Scott Calvin and see how he’s handling being Santa Claus, how Carol is handling being Ms. Claus and how their kids are handling growing up in the North Pole. This was a lot more fun than any Christmas movie you will see on Hallmark Channel or GAC Family. It was also a better installment in “The Santa Clause” franchise than “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.” I’ll never pretend this was a necessary series, but it was nice.

If I had one complaint from this series, it’s that it might have worked better as a movie. There were some parts that seemed a little too stretched out in the middle. Parts of this show felt like they were trying to meet an arbitrary episode count rather than organically advance the story. When the story advances organically, this is a great show. When it’s filler you can tell. If they were dead set on making a series rather than a film, it might’ve worked a little better as a four episode show rather than a six episode show.

It was recently announced that “The Santa Clauses” has been renewed for a second season. I have mixed feelings about that. This series wasn’t necessary and continuing it really isn’t necessary. At the same time, I expected it to do well, and I’m happy it did. It was exactly what I needed to put me in a better mood each week. It certainly raised my Christmas spirits. I want to feel that again, so for that reason, I’m happy that it was renewed. Either way, I’ve had a lot of fun over the past few weeks watching this.

Rating: 4 stars

What did you think of “The Santa Clauses?”

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Jeremy Brown

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