Filming on the second season of the Disney+ Original series, “The Santa Clauses”, has recently wrapped, and it will be arriving on our screens later this Fall. In the first season of “The Santa Clauses”, Scott Calvin returns after being Santa Claus for nearly thirty years, and he’s as jolly as ever. But as Christmas […]

Following the massive success of the first season of the Disney+ Original series, “The Santa Clauses”, Disney quickly announced a second season was happening, and today, Tim Allen has revealed on social media that he has wrapped filming on the second season, which is due to arrive on our screens this Fall. In the second […]

Disney has announced today that Eric Stonestreet (“Modern Family”) will join the cast of the Disney+ Original series “The Santa Clauses” as Mad Santa. The Disney Branded Television series is produced by 20th Television, and production has already begun on its second season. In the second season, the Calvin family is back in the North […]

Disney+ and Hulu have churned out several original series in 2022. Some have been great while others have been less than stellar. I was able to review nearly 20 of them this year and I saw some great television and some not-so-great television. I’m going to rank the Top 10 Original Series I was able […]

The old Santa Claus races against the new Santa Claus in an effort to save Christmas. Willow continues his journey to save the realm as the future empress learns more about her legacy.  And there’s a new “National Treasure” series. Let’s take a look at some of the best things to watch on Disney+ this […]

The rest of the Calvins return to the North Pole to help Scott reclaim the title of Santa from Simon and bring back the Spirit of Christmas in just a few hours in the season finale of the Disney+ Original Series, “The Santa Clauses.” Scott realizes why it’s so important for him to be Santa. […]

Following the release of the season finale of the limited series, “The Santa Clauses” on Disney+, Disney has announced that it has greenlighted a second season of the show. Disney Legend Tim Allen will executive-produce and continue in the beloved role of Santa/Scott Calvin and Elizabeth Mitchell will reprise her role as Mrs. Claus/Carol from […]

This holiday season, Disney+ released a brand new original series called, “The Santa Clauses”, which is a continuation of the “Santa Clause” franchise, which includes three films, all of which are available on Disney+. In “The Santa Clauses”, Scott Calvin is back! After being Santa Claus for nearly thirty years, he’s as jolly as ever. […]

Scott Calvin goes across the Yuleverse and meets previous Santas in the latest episode of the Disney+ Original Series, “The Santa Clauses.” Bernard returns and helps guide Scott back to the North Pole. Scott learns that he is the first human Santa and the rest, including the original St. Nicholas and Krampus, were both chosen […]

Santa has retired and a younger Santa with different ideas has taken his place, but the magic seems to be gone in the latest episode of the Disney+ Original Series, “The Santa Clauses.” The Calvin-Claus family is now living in the Chicago area while the new Santa Claus is trying new ideas to make it […]

Every month Disney+ adds new series and films to the service. It also adds new seasons of popular shows that are already on the service. Several of us here at “What’s On Disney Plus” are going to give you our Top 5 Films and Series we’re excited to see each month. Let’s take a look […]