Din Djarin and Bo-Katan go searching for the other Mandalorians who are now working as mercenaries in the latest episode of the Lucasfilm and Disney+ Original Series, “The Mandalorian.” The pair end up on a planet where Trade Federation droids are now working as servants, but many of them are rejecting their new programming. Eventually, they learn about a Separatist in their midst, capturing him and saving the world. This allows them to reach the Mandalorians and sway them to come help rebuild their home.

This was quite the confusing episode. It really felt like another unnecessary side quest in a video game to just set up the main storyline. While those definitely need to happen to build the story, they don’t really need to be the entire episode. The end of the episode is great with the battle between Bo-Katan and one of her former followers. Mando’s speech that allows Bo-Katan to take the dark saber without her having to fight him for it was also well done given that anyone who saw “Rebels” knows that Bo-Katan once accepted the dark saber as a gift from Sabine. But the rest of the episode is just kind of there to focus on this week’s guest stars.

I’m split on this week’s guest stars. Christopher Lloyd was announced before the season, and while I would’ve liked to see him a larger role, I’m okay with him serving as a head of security who was also a Separatist still fighting what he thinks is the good fight. He basically set up the entire population of the planet to easily collapse if their droids leave them. That’s an incredibly powerful person. In contrast, Jack Black and Lizzo as the planet’s leaders were just distracting. They reminded me of the time Ed Sheeran appeared on “Game of Thrones.” His presence took me out of the show, and every time Jack Black and Lizzo were on screen, I was distracted rather than enthralled. I don’t think their appearance works at all.

This episode advance the story, which is good, but also did it in a disappointing way. While many people have been unnecessarily down on this season, this episode really feels like it lives down to their criticism. With two episodes left, I’m excited to see what happens with all of the Mandalorians back together, but I still want to know more about Moff Gideon’s whereabouts, plus all of the “Rebels” connections we’ve seen. This is my least favorite episode of the season and may be my least favorite episode of the series.

Rating: 2.5 stars

What did you think of the most recent episode of “The Mandalorian?”

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