Ever since the finale of “WandaVision” was released on Disney+ in 2021, there have been reports that Marvel Studios was working on a follow-up series called “Vision Quest”. Originally, “WandaVision” creator Jac Schaeffer was linked to the series, but she moved onto another spinoff, “Agatha All Along”, which arrives on Disney+ in September. Variety has […]

Over the past two years, we’ve heard a lot about how Marvel Studios is pulling back on its plans, delaying some projects and cancelling others, as a way of reducing how much is being spent and also increasing the quality of new projects to help reduce superhero fatigue and restore Marvel as one of the […]

Since we last saw Vision appear in the Disney+ series, “WandaVision”, many fans have wondered when we might see the character again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Would it be in the upcoming “Agatha” spin-off, which is currently going by the name, “Agatha: Darkhold Diaries”, or the upcoming “Wonder Man” series, which was filming just […]

One of the many Marvel Studios projects in development for Disney+ right now is a new spin-off of the popular series, “WandaVision”, which will see Paul Bettany return as Vision, in a show called “Vision Quest”. According to the official Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) directory, “Vision Quest” is listed with a release window of […]

Marvel Studios has many projects currently in development for Disney. Following the huge success of “WandaVision”, a second spin-off series called “Vision Quest” is in the early stages of production. Marvel Studios will be opening up a writer’s room next week, so it will be a while until this series hits our screens.  The series […]