With the expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney+, Marvel Studios has been able to experiment with different formats, with limited series, multiple-season shows, animated series, animated shorts, and short films.   One of those new formats has been the “Special Presentation”, and we’ve seen two released so far, “Werewolf By Night” and “Guardians Of […]

Things are getting a little more personal as Gravik figures out that G’iah is responsible for their safe house being discovered, and Fury turns back to Talos for help in the latest episode of the Marvel and Disney+ Original series, “Secret Invasion.” This episode reveals more about Fury’s relationship with his Skrull wife and reveals […]

The last film of phase one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally makes its way to Disney+ as “The Incredible Hulk” has been added to the service. The 2008 film was the second film in what we now call the MCU. Edward Norton stars as Bruce Banner in this film that glosses over this backstory. […]

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has moved past the Infinity Saga and into the Multiverse Saga with phase four. Following more than 20 films during the first three phases of the MCU, Marvel made the move to incorporate original series and special presentations on Disney+ to introduce new characters or advance the stories of already beloved […]

Marvel Studios has decided that 2022 is going to be the year we see the Marvel Cinematic Universe go a tad darker and scarier than we have been used to. With MoonKnight(now streaming on Disney+), ‘Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness’ coming May 6th, 2022, to theaters; Marvel decided it wasn’t quite done yet […]

There has not been a lot of news surrounding some of the projects announced from Marvel Studios, about some Disney+ shows coming soon. One of those projects is Marvel Studio’s Ironheart. And until recently, we did not know a lot of details surrounding Riri Williams’s first introduction into the MCU, but now some news is […]

As we all know, Disney+ is up and running with brand new content each week and an extensive back catalog of titles to watch. But, as we have reported, there are hundreds of Disney-owned titles not available for streaming on Disney+ yet. I’ve gone through the list of titles and picked out 25 I’d like […]