Things are getting a little more personal as Gravik figures out that G’iah is responsible for their safe house being discovered, and Fury turns back to Talos for help in the latest episode of the Marvel and Disney+ Original series, “Secret Invasion.” This episode reveals more about Fury’s relationship with his Skrull wife and reveals that he and Sonia have a somewhat friendly relationship, at times, but even in those times, they remain adversarial. Now the question is what will happen between Talos and Gravik after Gravik’s actions at the end of this episode.

Gravik has become suspicious of G’iah, so he sets a trap that she walks right into. This leads to the dramatic moment of him shooting her at the end of the episode. We see her turn back into her Skrull form and bleeding. Is she dead? I don’t know yet. I’ve learned to never believe someone is dead in Marvel unless there is a body or a grieving mother present, and even in Phil Coulson’s case, they brought him back after showing a dead body. But, at the same time, Marvel is known for killing its best characters, usually villains, and not bringing them back. Still, I think it would be a waste to bring in Emilia Clarke just to kill her off after three episodes of a limited series.

I would love to see more interactions between Samuel L. Jackson, Olivia Colman and Ben Mendelson together. These three are all amazing in their own right, and while Jackson has shared scenes with both Colman and Mendelson individually, imagine how great scenes with all three of them would be. All three have the ability to steal a scene without even trying, so I want to know who would win in a scene with these three where they are all just doing their best jobs. Those three as actors would be more formidable than a Super Skrull.

I love the street level nature of this series. I love the idea of one man and one Skrull trying to stop an army from taking without enhanced powers. Yes, the Skrulls can shapeshift, but that’s part of their physiology rather than some power they developed either through time or experiments. Granted, the Skrulls are experimenting to make the villainous Super Skrull from the Comics, but Talos is still a regular guy. I’m very intrigued to see what happens. I just hope they haven’t killed off one of their big name stars too soon.

Rating: 3.5 stars

What did you think of the latest episode of “Secret Invasion?”

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