Filming is currently underway in Los Angeles on a sequel to Disney’s “Freaky Friday”, which will see Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan reprise their roles as Tess and Anna Coleman from the 2003 movie. A sequel to the beloved 2003 film with a multigenerational twist, the film picks up years after Tess (Curtis) and […]

Disney has officially announced that filming has begun on a sequel to the hit movie, “Freaky Friday”, which will see Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis return as The Colemans. There have been reports of this film being in development for a number of years, but now Disney has released a new photo featuring the […]

With filming on the upcoming “Freaky Friday” sequel due to begin later this summer in Los Angeles, the cast is slowly starting to come together. The sequel to the 2003 version of “Freaky Friday” will see Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan return as the mother and daughter who will once again switch places, but […]

Disney has made many different versions of the “Freaky Friday” story over the years, with the first film being released in 1976, which saw Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster play a mother and daughter who swap places and are forced to live with each other’s lives. In 2003, Disney released a newer version of the […]

Over the past few years, there have been reports that Disney is developing a “Freaky Friday” sequel, with both Jamie Lee Curtis  and Lindsay Lohan talking openly at many events about the project in an effort to drum up a social media response to prompt Disney into moving forward on the project. Disney has made […]

In the past year, Jamie Lee Curtis has spoken at film premieres and on social about trying to get a sequel to the 2003 version of “Freaky Friday”, but now according to an article in New York Times, that was celebrating the 20th anniversary of the film, Disney is now officially developing the project.The 2003 […]