Earlier today, Disney held a special Town Hall event for employees today, which was hosted by CEO Bob Iger at the New Amsterdam Theatre and it was moderated by ABC News anchor David Muir.  Also speaking during the one-hour event were Entertainment bosses Alan Bergman and Dana Walden, along with the theme park boss, Josh […]

Later today, the Screen Actors Guild is voting on if it should go on strike following a failure to come to an agreement with the studios, which include Disney, over several different issues, including the use of AI and about the residuals from streaming platforms.  These issues are also some of the core issues facing […]

Since Bob Iger’s return to Disney in November, he has been doing some major research within the company as he tries to steer Disney into the next 100 years.  With the world shifting more towards streaming, linear television is no longer a growth market and continues to decline, year on year. This is why Disney […]

Last year, Disney CEO Bob Iger returned to the company to replace Bob Chapek in a surprise move that shook up the company, which has seen Iger making big changes to the company, restructuring it, trying to sort out the debt issue, laying off 7000 employees and trying to correct the issues facing the company. […]

Earlier this year, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed one of the ways that the company is looking to reduce costs and try to save over $5 billion dollars, is to start cutting back on the amount of general entertainment content that they produce, as has raised concerns about undifferentiated general entertainment and how that competes […]

Following Disney purchasing 20th Century Fox, it acquired control of 66% of Hulu, resulting in a deal being made with Comcast, who owns 33%, that in 2024, both companies could force Disney to buy out Comcast’s stake. Part of the deal is that Hulu has to be independently valued, but at a minimum of $27.5 […]

One of the last major projects Bob Iger launched before he retired from Disney, was Disney+, and since his return to Disney late last year, there has been a big shift within the company to making a profit from its streaming services. During a recent Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, Disney CEO Bob […]

Today saw Bob Iger speak to investors for the first time during the Walt Disney Company’s first quarterly results investor call, where he outlined the plan for the future, which will see the company restructured into three divisions, Disney Entertainment, ESPN and Parks & Experiences. One of the major focal points of the investor’s call […]

Following the return of Bob Iger as the Walt Disney Companies CEO, after a week of getting readjusted to being back in the role after over two years, Bob Iger held a special town hall question and answer session with cast members today in Burbank, California. During the town hall session, Bob Iger did address […]

Last week, Disney announced a reshuffle of their movie schedule due to cinemas around the globe being shutdown due to Coronavirus. One of the biggest changes is that Artemis Fowl will now be coming to Disney+ first, rather than in cinemas. But if the situation continues, it might not be the only movie heading to […]

With Disney set to enter into the streaming space later this year with the launch of Disney+, Barron’s recently spoke with CEO Robert Iger about going into competition with Netflix. On competing with Netflix in content streaming: We’re not launching Disney+ to catch up to Netflix or even compete with them. The marketplace is hungry […]

2018 has been one of the biggest years ever for Disney, with huge box office takings for movies with massive hits like Avengers: Infinity War, Incredibles 2, Black Panther and many more.   Disney have dominated the box office, pulling in over $7 billion and 2019 should be even bigger for the company with the purchase […]

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger recently spoke with Jack Hough from Barrons, about the future of the new streaming service, Disney+ and how its a huge priority for the company. One of the big reasons Disney is taking it so seriously is how they view the world has changed and they need to keep up with […]