Earlier today, Disney held a special Town Hall event for employees today, which was hosted by CEO Bob Iger at the New Amsterdam Theatre and it was moderated by ABC News anchor David Muir.  Also speaking during the one-hour event were Entertainment bosses Alan Bergman and Dana Walden, along with the theme park boss, Josh D’Amaro.

Since his return as the CEO last November, Bob Iger has been focused on fixing lots of the issues within Disney, many of which were put in place during Bob Chapek’s run as the CEO and other issues, pending from Iger’s purchase of 20th Century Fox.  Bob explained to employees that:

“I spent the year with the team fixing a lot of things.  But I feel that we’ve just emerged from a period of a lot of fixing to one of building again and I can tell you building is a lot more fun than fixing.”

During this presentation to employees, Bob Iger didn’t make any major announcements but did reconfirm the company’s commitment to reducing the number of shows and films it is creating, instead focusing on quality over quantity.

“I’ve talked about that a lot recently, because in assessing some of our performance, recently, one of the reasons I believe it’s fallen off a bit is that we were making too much.  I think when it comes to creativity, quality is critical, of course, and quantity in many ways can destroy quality. Storytelling, obviously, is the core of what we do as a company.”  

The head of Walt Disney Studios, Alan Bergman, also acknowledged the quality of Disney films has suffered over the past few years, which has resulted in poor box office results this year.  He also highlighted some of next year’s major theatrical films, which include “Deadpool 3,” “Inside Out 2” and “Kingdom Of The Planet of the Apes”. 

Bob Iger expressed how important the success of their films is to the company:

“When it comes to creating a perception of the company, nothing is more powerful than movies.  That’s perception among investors, perception among the audience, obviously consumers and also perception among our own employees.”

Over the past year, Bob Iger has been critical of Disney’s studios losing focus while trying to create more content for Disney+ and with budget restraints, is planning on scaling back how many projects they make in the future, focusing on creating a more curated lineup of releases.

In the hundred-year history of the Walt Disney Company, there have been many periods in time when Disney’s quality dipped, only for the company to refocus and come back with stronger titles.  So hopefully, once again, Disney can refocus on making the best shows and films it can. 

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Roger Palmer

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