With the streaming wars moving into a new phase of consolidation and reduction as the boom of new subscribers during the pandemic is over and people are cutting back on spending, we are starting to see many of the streaming services being offered in bundles.

Disney has been using a bundle to get people invested in its streaming platforms for years, with Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ all being available within the Disney Streaming Bundle.  It has also teamed up with some mobile phone providers, banks and cable companies to offer their streaming services as bonuses.  

All of these bundles help reduce churn, which basically means it slows down how many people unsubscribe since if it is part of a larger bundle, people are less likely to unsubscribe. 

Disney is trying to reduce the number of people who unsubscribe from its platforms in various ways, such as constantly adding new original programming and promotions, and most recently, the launch of Hulu On Disney+ in the US.

One thing we’ve started seeing happening more is streaming bundles of multiple services together to try to keep people engaged for longer.  Many people think of bundles of streaming services as the opposite of what was initially promised, which was an alternative to cable television, which bundled lots of television channels together, and you didn’t have a choice in what you got.  This, however, was great for major studios like Disney and Warner Brothers, who could bundle their channels together to get more money each month.

Disney already offers some different options, such as adding Max, Starz or Paramount+ with Showtime through the Hulu app. It will also offer its upcoming sports streaming service with Warner Brothers Discovery and Fox, with a bundle of Disney+ and/or Max. 

But could Disney+ be bundled with other streaming services like Netflix or Max in the future?   It’s possible, as recently, Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke to CNBC following the recent annual shareholders meeting, where he was asked if he could ever see a day when there could be a bundle which would make it easier for the consumer in the same way that you are bundling sports with Warner Brothers Discovery and Fox.  To which Bob Iger said:

Yes, I think there are possibilities there. Sure.

Warner Brothers Discovery’s CEO David Zaslav has already spoken on a number of occasions about wanting to bundle Max with other platforms, so it wouldn’t become a huge surprise to see some streaming bundles becoming more common, especially if consumers can save money, while also keeping subscribers locked in for longer periods.

We’ve already seen some bundles being put together, such as in Canada, telecommunication provider Telus is offering Stream+, which includes Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, for either $20 a month with ads, or $38 without ads.   In the UK, Sky has previously offered Paramount+ through its NOW streaming services.

Some people will no doubt be unwilling to sign up for a bundle that locks them into having more services than they want, but for many, if they are already subscribed to them and can save money switching to a bundle, it’s going to appeal to a large portion of the audience.

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Roger Palmer

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