Anovos has announced details on a new deluxe Star Wars: The Mandalorian Helmet, which will be released in August and is priced at $649.99!

Here are the details:

  • Become the Mandalorian you were meant to be!
  • Authentic, highly detailed, and true-to-life wearable replica!
  • The handcrafted fiberglass helmet is fully lined.
  • 3D digital scan technology was used to create an exacting reproduction.

If you’re having trouble obtaining blaster-resistant beskar, we will help you become the Mandalorian you were meant to be. With access to the film-used helmets from The Mandalorian, Anovos used 3D digital scan technology to capture the precise geometry, right down to 0.2 millimeters of accuracy, to create an exacting reproduction. This sensational Star Wars: The Mandalorian Helmet may appear to have a simple pewter finish, but it’s deceptively complex, based on the paints and processes used by the prop department to create the original helmets.

Not only is this helmet an authentic and highly detailed true-to-life replica you can display, but it is also a fully wearable adult costume accessory. Each helmet is finely crafted of fiberglass and appointed with a fully lined interior that fits heads up to a size 8 U.S. hat. From start to finish, each has been carefully handcrafted by skilled craftsman located in the United States of America.

Here is a look at this deluxe replica helmet:

You can pre-order this Mandalorian helmet from retailers including Entertainment Earth

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