The Bad Batch is getting closer to reuniting as the dominoes are falling into place in the latest episode of the Lucasfilm and Disney+ Original Series, “Star Wars: The Bad Batch.” Hunter, Tech, Wrecker and Omega remain on Pabu helping with the rebuilding efforts. Hemlock is trying to torture their location out of Crosshair after he killed his commanding officer in the Empire. And Echo and Rex have discovered that Crosshair is now a prisoner after rescuing a different group of Clone troopers. Meanwhile, Crosshair makes a choice that leads to the rest of the Bad Batch having to make their own choice.

Things are finally falling into place and this is the best episode of the series yet, in my opinion. I’ve made no bones that Crosshair’s story interests me more than the others, and it’s great to see his actions here. It’s unclear what his views on the Empire as a whole are, but he seems to be making it clear that he isn’t going to give up the rest of the Bad Batch’s whereabouts to Hemlock. Crosshair may like the order and regulations of the Empire, but his last appearance made it clear that he is a clone and his loyalty is still to them.

It was also good to see what Echo and Rex have been up to since Echo split from the rest of the Bad Batch. I would’ve like to see them a little more on their own before reconnecting with the Bad Batch, but their mission makes perfect sense. They know that the clones are viewed as disposable, and they are on a mission to save as many as possible. I would’ve liked to see them on a few more missions, but I also get why it wasn’t shown. If the creative juices aren’t flowing beyond this is what they’re doing, it could make for some very repetitive scenes.

Crosshair sends out a warning to the rest of the Bad Batch, but they’ve been burned by him before. It will be interesting to see how the Bad Batch responds to his warning. It could be a trap, and they know that. But, they’ve also been through hell and back with him before Order 66, so they, obviously, still want to rescue their friend. It’s setting up to be a very interesting end to the season.

Rating: 4.75 stars

What did you think of this episode of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch?”

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