Back in late 2022, Sony announced it was creating a brand new live-action series called “Silk: Spider Society”, which would feature Cindy Moon from the Marvel comic books, who is a character that has been bitten by the same spider that gave Peter Parker his spider abilities.

“Silk: Spider Society” is being created by “The Walking Dead’s” Angela Kang, who will be the executive producer and showrunner.  The show is also being created by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who are the creative team behind “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse”, along with producer Amy Pascal, who has worked on the previous “Spider-Man” films at Sony.

Due to the complex contract made between Marvel and Sony before Disney purchased the superhero company, Sony has to release the “Silk” series on a linear network, MGM+ (formerly known as Epix), for the first window in the United States, before it can be released on Amazon Prime Video in 240 countries and territories around the world.

Development on the series has been ongoing for a while, and writing on the show was paused last summer due to the writer’s strike. But reconvened in mid to late January to resume work on the show.

However, according to Antler, development on the project is now “paused”, they had previously reported that the show had been scrapped, but later clarified that the show remains in active development. The writers have now been released to work on other shows, having already written a few episodes of the show.

Over the past year or so, the mainstream audience has become less interested in the superhero genre, with franchise fatigue sitting in. With a bad combination of a flurry of shows and films from DC, Marvel, Sony and other studios, with too many of them being lacklustre.

With DC completely scrapping its extended universe to reboot it with “Superman Legacy” in 2025 and with Marvel Studios slowing down how many films and shows it puts out, as quality dipped in the Multiverse saga due to trying to introduce too many new characters at once and too many Disney+ series. Viewership and box office results for superhero shows and films has dropped considerably.

This past weekend, Sony released “Madame Web” in cinemas, which suffered from bad reviews and the lowest opening weekend for a Marvel film, which was previously held by 20th Fox’s “Fant4stic” and “Madame Web” is also the worst opening for any Spider-Man Universe movie, at just $17.6 million over the Presidents Day weekend.

It’s been reported that the plan is to rework the “Silk” series to be more refocused on a male-skewing audience, which Amazon has had more success with like “Reacher”, “The Terminal” and “Jack Ryan”.

Without doubt, the failure of films like “The Marvels” and “Madame Web”, along with more female-focused shows like “Ms Marvel” and “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law”, it makes sense why Sony is hitting the pause button on the “Silk” series before spending any more money on making it.

Sony is working with Amazon on another show, “Spider-Man: Noir”, which is set in the 1930s with another version of Spider-Man. Apparently, Nicolas Cage is in serious talks to take on the lead role in the series. It also has two more “Spider-Man” films to be released later this year, “Kraven The Hunter” and a third “Venom” film, so it might be waiting to see how these perform, to see if there is an appetite for more adventures within the “Spider-Verse”.

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